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Yummy is a word that is now illegal to use in North America, South Africa, Scotland, and Bhutan, for some reason.

The only humans exempt from this rule are children under the age of eight. The rule of thumb is that if you believe in the Easter Bunny, you can say "yummy", with or without an exclamation point. The penalty is severe, with a fine up to $25,000 and a jail term of no less than three years. Minors can be tried as adults and kept in juvenile detention (Mrs. Beacham's room 107) until an adult where they will be sent to a supermax prison to finish their sentences. In the business world, the Yum! Brands corporation is also exempt since they pretty much own the aforementioned governments anyway. Serial killer "Mack the Knife" Sasser uttered it sarcastically when being served lunch in prison and a special prison was built inside the prison to hold him after this new offense.

The dangerous word derives from "Yummitudialishishness" describing a Ford Sierra with flanged wheels and foam dice hanging from its mirror or rotating disco ball. This word became "Yum", then "Yummy". Because the word had been used to describe deep-fried donkey scrotum, now also illegal, its use became severely restricted until completely outlawed in 2003.

The recommended government-approved substitute is "Pneumoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis-like". That means your pie is cold and your ice cream has melted before you can say that word.

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