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“This is our place now b!^$%&s!”

~ Google on YouTube

YouTube (to be known as SueTube, YouN00b, YouB00b or GoogleTube in the near future) is a popular free* video sharing web site which lets users upload, view, and share clips. Founded in February 2005 by three employees of PayPal, the service mutilates Adobe Flash technology in such a way that it displays video. The site claims to have a wide variety of content, including conspiracy theories, video game videos, AMV's, and fake celebrity sightings, as well as amateur content such as, well, you know, amateurs, doing...stuff.

Background[edit] was originally founded by God in 2001 as a forum for Holy members to showcase anti-Satan videos and Godly propaganda.It has also become a great way for people to waste their lives away in front of the Computer.

However, God's sudden disappearance, coupled with the posting of footage of an archangel being hit square in the nuts with a football, led to a revolution in how the site was used. It is now only used by the demons of the underworld to rule and destroy all of mankind.

The website was originally set up called "YourTube" intended to be a porn site. But they changed it when CNN gave them a monthly subscription to "Mm, big boobs" magazine.

YouTube was also founded as the #1 site where no-talent, no brain dumb broads working at StarBucks to actually go out on a limb and believe that in some small tiny manner the fact that they make stupid pointless videos which pc nerds unload a glob of cum on daily means that they will actually become famous or have a tiny bit of exposure one day. MySpace also works under this premise, but without videos. Sadly, they all end up either stuck right where they are or making horrible, horrible films with dismal reviews like "Hot Rod". If there was any justice on the face of this planet, all these nerdstar wannabes would be dragged out into the street and SHOT.

Alternate definition (Illogico-Webster Dictionary)[edit]

YouTube (to be known as AssPipe or AssTube in the near future) is a popular free* video sharing web site. It is a non-pornographic rip-off of popular porn site Xtube. Its contents are similar, but porn free, and mostly revolve around pictures of the King of Thailand drawn on with MS Paint, And therefore, not worth wasting ones time with unless the person is a pedophile who prefers boxers on.

Despite the overall crappiness of the average YouTube video, YouTube is well-known by critics of cinema for being home to some of the best cinematic creations ever.

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