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Yellow is the colour of piss

I miss Kermit the frog. I really do. I can't get over how awesome he was. Especially his toes. He had good toes.
Maybe I'll call him sometime. Wish I knew his phone number.
Anyway, yell-O is a kind of jell-o that yells when you eat it. It screams. Loud.
NOw I can't hear kermit the frog anymore because the yell-o in my stomach is screaming all the time. I can't hear the TV because the Yell-O is yelling because I ate it.
Maybe it would help if I ate a book.
Books don't scream. They mumble sometimes.
I just sneezed.
Well, the yell-o will be out when I pee anyway. But then I'll have a screaming toilet.
And a screaming sewer system. Soon the world's sewers will have screams coming out of them, like toes.
--Harper's Weekly, 1778.