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Skeptical cow is skeptical.

Wyoming is the 169th state of the United States.

It is BIG. Nonetheless, it is very hard to find. This is because it's normally so windy there, you will be blown out of the state before your know it. During the winter, it is under 40 feet (13 meters) of snow and you can pass by it it without seeing anything. Otherwise in the remaining 17 days of the year, if you look out of your car or train window and see hundreds of cows staring back at you, you will know you are in Wyoming. Rumor has it that people live in the state, but there have been no sightings in the last ten years and they are now thought to be extinct.

Yellowstone National Park is the place to go in Wyoming. There, visitors stand in line to get their hands or heads bitten off while trying to feed the bears. A major feature is the Old Faithful geyser among many other geothermal thingies, allowing tourists who can't read signs to experience death by boiling. Add in wolf attacks, buffalo attacks, eagle attacks, cow stampedes, rabid squirrel attacks and more and you have a great YouTube highlights video. Naturally, everyone is waiting for the chance to be the first to post a video of Yellowstone's underlying supervolcano exploding and taking out North America.

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