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Fudd's cat. Not only was "wublish" a mystery, so was the Hello Kitty pillow found in the mansion.

Wublish is the mysterious last word uttered by powerful newspaper tycoon J. Elmer Fudd in the 1941 movie epic Citizen Fudd. As he says this, he drops a snowglobe that rolls across the floor and hits his sleeping cat in the nose.

Reporter Jerry Thompson is then given the job of finding out the meaning of "wublish". He interviews his friends and associates and reconstructs the famous man's entire life. One thing he finds is that Fudd never aged a day since he was in his twenties. Thompson also found that others also had a hard time understanding Fudd. Thompson fails to find the meaning of "wublish" after traveling across the globe, and is fired. No matter, as newspapers had already been replaced by PewDiePie vlogs and Fox News.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Back at Fudd's mansion, the cat finds Fudd's secret bank account number and goes to Switzerland to adopt a new identity as Jason Bourne.

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