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White is definitely not black. White (also known as hoowit) is the whitenist color in town!

Do not mess with the whiteness of it all otherwise my pocket Ku Klux Klan will get you pwned out your mind.

I am not racist but I did wear Hitler's underpants and yes they were extremely comfortable, thankyew very much.


White makes itself white by pouring egg yolk over itself and then drying itself with a fan.

Oh, sorry, you want me to tell you the other way it does it. Well it touches its Harry and then pours guacamole on its head.

How can I do white?[edit]

Simple, in order to do white you have to find a big bucket of white and dollop it on yerself. Or if you dont fancy that you can merge yourself into white. Ive already merged myself into white and I belive it to be the best thing I've ever done!


  1. Pour white down your trousers
  2. Jiggle about
  3. You are now officially white, congrats from the white master.

White vs Black[edit]

Oh god, black wins. FREAKING hell.

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