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Torn pants.jpg
Hey there, all you werewolves out there!

Embarassed by coming home early in the morning after a full moon completely naked and soaked in blood, with your neighbors staring at you? Tired of all the snarky comments like "Nice moontan lines!" or "It's little cold to be running around naked with bloodstains, isn't it?"

Worry no more!
Werewolf pants™ are here to solve your werewolf-related fashion problems.

These pants are made of superstrong stretch fabric that will last for years and many washings. They have a unique velcro closure in the back so when your tail pops, you won't be bursting out of your pants. When you transform back to human form, just press it closed. The special tight fabric weave of Werewolf pants™ resists getting caught on thorns and brambles as you charge through the forest looking for victims. Plus bloodstains always come right out due to its permanent EZ Kleen finish.

And talk about style! You'll be right there at the height of fashion with Werewolf pants™. They come in beautiful colors selected to hide your shed fur. They come in a huge range of sizes. The roomy thighs will accomodate the biggest haunches and there is no binding at the knees like with normal pants. Female werewolves, especially those with thunder thighs in human form, will appreciate the great fit without any additional tailoring needed.

Werewolf pants™ will stand up to many dozens of transformations so you will SAVE SAVE SAVE on clothing that you would otherwise be throwing away.


And don't forget our Werewolf hoodies™, and Werewolf squeaky toys, too!