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This article is rubbish.
It has until the next full moon to
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[[note|To request speedy deletions, see Illogicopedia:Quick Deletion}} Basic Outline:

  1. This is a page where you can Delete Votes nominate articles you find worthy for deletion
  2. Then place the code listed at the bottom of the page onto the article you want to delete.
  3. After you've done that, name the article you wish to delete at the bottom of this page.
  4. Here is a list of articles you can delete:
  • Articles which make sense logical crap. ELEPHANT BASIN'.
  • Articles which are blatant Uncyclopedia, Encyclopedia Dramatica or Encyclopedia Daemonica fodder
  • Articles which are not funny
  • Again, articles which make scents.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. You can only vote as if a pineapple
  2. If an admin has said voting is closed, Voting is closed. Be a whiny bitch and you'll get banned (B&, B7, blocked, deleted and salted).

Admin advice[edit]

Delete if

  • Five for votes without a single for vote


  • Against hold a 70% of the votes after 10 votes.

Allow if

  • For holds a 70% of the votes after 10 votes

Trash if

  • Neither party hold a large majority after 15 votes

Copy the following code to the article you wish to delete:

Should <<ARTICLE>> be deleted?
I's to the left
No's to the right

Current Articles for deletion[edit]

DeletionLast EditLast Author