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Just in case your head has been coated in jam for a period of thyme, following is a brief run-down of the user groups at Wackypedia, ordered by "rank".

Main user groups[edit]

Anonymous user[edit]

Should you wish to remain 'anonymous', you can edit Wackypedia without creating a user account. Please be aware that all contributions made by IP addresses are stored in exactly the same way as regular users. Also, IP addresses are scrutinised due to their historical use for mass vandalism.

Anonymous users have no privileges and are granted only half a vote on voting pages.

Registered user See all[edit]

By registering an account, you are given a user page which you can edit to your heart's content. When you are identified by a name, you also have one vote per ballot on voting pages.

You can also upload files and images, move pages and no longer have to use the CAPTCHA when adding external links.

Rollback (Phantoms) See all[edit]

Users that have won Wackypedian of the Month are granted Rollback status - this allows them to quickly revert vandal edits using a special 'rollback' button on user contribution pages. On Wackypedia, these users are known as 'Phantoms' and are permitted to self-nominate articles at VFF without them undergoing the procedure of article review beforehand.

Administrators (Werewolves) See all[edit]

The administrators are charged with the duty of doing the wiki's dirty work. This includes: the deletion of articles, both based on quality (or lack thereof) and user request; page protection; blocking vandals; promotion of new administrators (only with group consensus). On Wackypedia, administrator status is not always desirable, as it can lead to a decrease in the amount of time spent actually creating productive content.

Bureaucrats (Vampires) See all[edit]

Bureaucrats have the ability to grant Vampire, Werewolf and Phantom powers upon any user. They also have all the abilities Administrators have.

Other user groups[edit]

Bots (Zombies) See all[edit]

Bots are pieces of code used to perform functions such as spam cleanup and link insertion. If you wish to run a bot, see an administrator.