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See here for the main page concerning the parties of the Illogiment, along with the descriptions of the other parties.
Really, we don't care if you do.

The Illogicrats
Vote for free ice cream!
Leader Lord (Myra) Hindleyite
Founded 2006
Headquarters Hindley Borstal
Political Ideology Insanity, Meh
Website www.illogicocrats.com
Official deputy Sir Asema
Parliamentary colours Red

Vote for insanity. You know it makes sense.

~ Screaming Lord Sutch on the Illogicrats

And that The Duck Clan will be PWNed by you guys!

~ User:Quagsire

The Illogicrats are the Illogicopedia version of the Monster Raving Loony Party, the Illogicrats care about no-one and nobody cares about them. Except fnurdles.


The party aims to be whatever the hell it wants to be in return for free ice cream and, if you ask nicely, cold chips. Occasionally matters shall arise which Illogia, the mighty penguin overseer of the party, shall resolve with such powers that only a giant flightless bird can wield.

Whatever you want[edit]

The official standing of the party, much like a chameleon, changes colour over time. This means the Party is whatever you want it to be and you can do whatever the hellk you want without worry of betraying the party's name. This is because insanity is the principal goal of the Illogicrats.


Remember, vote ?crat for free ice cream today and jump on the bandwigon. It's hair razing.


Become an Illogicrat adding your name to the list

The Alpha Werewolf is:

The Pack members are: