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A general description of our history can be found here.

Here is a series of tables containing important events that occurred on the Wikia-located Illogicopedia, as well as some early history taken from the old wiki at editthis.info (now defunct).

The Eras[edit]

The Main Page Era: January 8-March 10, 2007[edit]

This table covers the time period when Illogicopedia had just started on editthis.info. During this time period, the admins were busy creating Illogicopedia's basic material; everything done during this period led up to the creation of the main page, with the exception of Illogicopedia:Rules and banning system, which was an early policy page.

Year Month Day Time UTC What happened
2007 January 8 17:14 Silent Penguin sets up the main page; see very first "complete" version.
2007 January 8 18:24 Hindleyite created Illogicopedia.
2007 January 8 18:37 Silent Penguin created the "newest articles" section.
2007 January 9 16:39 Silent Penguin created Illogicopedia:About.
2007 January 10 16:10 Silent Penguin writes Illogicopedia's general disclaimer.
2007 January 10 15:56 Silent Penguin created the box for the featured article.
2007 January 12 16:07 Silent Penguin created the moon phase section for the main page. It was at that time simply a link to a site that told the phase of the moon.
2007 January 17 16:03 Silent Penguin created the main page vandalism box, putting at the top the statement "gone to the dogs."
2007 January 21 12:49 Silent Penguin created Illogicopedia:Rules and banning system, the first serious policy page.
2007 January 25 17:42 Hindleyite created Illogicopedia's general disco lamer.
2007 February 2 19:26 Nerd42 created the did you know section.
2007 February 2 19:32 Silent Penguin created the "did you know" box.
2007 February 10 11:05 Hindleyite created Illogicopedia:Chat, which leads to Illogicopedia's IRC channel.
2007 February 28 17:21 Nerd42 changed the statement at the top of the main page vandalism box from "gone to the dogs" to "seemed like a good idea at the time."
2007 February 28 17:27 Nerd42 created the first main page vandalism.
2007 March 1 10:38 MrMetalFLower founded the country of Subbuteo, and declared war on Super Japan. The war raged on late into The Era of Refinement, and many koalas were thrown.
2007 March 5 21:36 Hindleyite posted Illogicopedia's first news comments.
2007 March 10 12:36 Hindleyite created the news box for the main page.

The Expansion and The Move: March 15-April 12, 2007[edit]

This table covers the period when Illogicopedia – having established itself as a small community – expanded until the move to its present location here at Wikia. Accelerating growth, expanding administration and refinement of policy, a feeling that Illogicopedia had begun to outgrow Editthis, and among all of this a sudden spree of major vandalism, such was this era.
The end of the era is marked by the official closing of the old wiki. Unlike the rest, the part of the timeline concerning The Move mostly does not concern page history on our wiki, but rather key events elsewhere in its moving.

Year Month Day Time UTC What happened
2007 March 15 01:12 The Divine Fluffalizer created Illogicopedia:Policy to detail acceptable and unacceptable content.
2007 March 17 15:38 Hindleyite created Illogicopedia:Browse.
2007 March 19 17:28 Nerd42 creates request page on requests.wikia.com for what would eventually lead to The Move.
2007 March 26 19:40 Nerd42 created Illogicopedia's commandments.
2007 March 26 20:53 The Divine Fluffalizer created Illogicopedia:Administrators.
2007 March 28 22:05 Following IRC discussion, Silent Penguin posts topic on the admin board (visible to staff only) of the now closed, separate Illogicopedia forum on what to do: Find independent hosting (later tried in parallel, then abandoned), go for Wikia hosting if accepted (requests were made), or stay and rot (evidently didn't happen ;).
2007 March 31 17:10 Wikia admin Sannse starts discussion on Uncyclopedia to get some Uncyclopedian input on the hosting of our wiki and another.
2007 April 1 15:45 Hindleyite created Illogicopedia:Protected page guidelines.
2007 April 3 8:59 Commenting on requests.wikia.com "Closed to allow the Illogicopedia community discussion time".
2007 April 6 13:05 Silent Penguin notes on admin board of old (closed) forum that a test wiki install (not editable) has been set up on what is now our current location.
2007 April 9 07:25 The Divine Fluffalizer finishes cleaning up after the first major vandalization spree, done by someone using usernames including "AAH" in their names. More would follow in the next day, and many reversions were made, others joining in to clean things up.
2007 April 10 11:34 The request on requests.wikia.com is marked as accepted.
2007 April 11 11:52 Silent Penguin writes thread, telling about the new wiki being ready to edit.
2007 April 11 13:05 Silent Penguin rangeblocks AAH, who would later come to make several revisits after The Move.
2007 April 12 12:00 The Divine Fluffalizer notes (old admin board) that new pages made since the wiki split have been imported.
2007 April 12 12:37 Silent Penguin changes main page to note that the old wiki is closed and we have moved.

The Era of Refinement: April 12-June 20, 2007[edit]

This table covers the period when Illogicopedia had formed, grown to a community and moved, and its users were occupied with running it and allowing it to function at its new location.
This period was marked by further development of the main page to cover things such as anti-feature and foreign languages, the setting up of the new on-wiki forum, and the creation of more informative pages.

Year Month Day Time UTC What happened
2007 April 12 11:17 [On new wiki, from now on...] The moon phase image is localized, so that the current phase of the moon can be displayed without relying on a different site.
2007 April 12 20:01 Hindleyite created the help page. He began with "Hi, I'm Big Jim the monotone..." but after a couple of days had a more helpful help page.
2007 April 14 18:53 Hindleyite created a help page explaining how to put YouTube videos on the site.
2007 April 14 18:59 Hindleyite started the FAQ.
2007 April 16 14:20 Silent Penguin started Illogicopedia's forum.
2007 April 16 15:52 Silent Penguin set up the forum's Illogical Zone.
2007 April 16 15:54 Silent Penguin started the forum section "Off Tropic," and the forum's Logical Sector.
2007 April 16 16:04 Silent Penguin set up the forum's Department of Limelight.
2007 April 16 16:07 In the forum, Silent Penguin started the Articulartastic Ministry for Articles.
2007 April 16 16:08 Silent Penguin started the Administrator's League in the forum.
2007 April 17 06:43 Zerotrousers created Illogicopedia:Votes for Deletion. (earlier created on 4th of April as a page on old wiki merely stating: "This is a page where you can Delete Votes Vote articles for deletion.")
2007 May 18 17:04 Silent Penguin created the main page's anti-feature section.
2007 May 19 12:08 Hindleyite created the main page's featured writer section.
2007 May 23 10:45 Hindleyite created the box for the anti-feature section of the main page.
2007 May 24 12:22 Hindleyite created Illogicopedia:Quick Votes for Deletion.
2007 May 25 21:36 Silent Penguin summarized Illogicopedia's past.
2007 June (needed) (needed) The Subbuteo vs. Super Japan war ended. The destruction of Super America lies testament.
2007 June 18 13:42 The older version of the voting system is completed, with a system in which IPs get 0.5 vote, users 1, phantoms 1.5, werewolves 2, and vampires 3. This page was kept in this form until October 2008 when the V2 changes went underway.

The Epic Era: June 20-December 1, 2007[edit]

This period began with the first Illogic Pickle. Often with the aim of winning the Pickle, people began to write long narratives. These articles became known as epics, and Testostereich created an epic template to mark them. I have dated the start of this era at the writing of Mouse Trap.

Year Month Day Time UTC What happened
2007 June 20 14:31 Silent Penguin set up the first Illogic Pickle.
2007 June 22 16:34 Silent Penguin created a section of the main page that allowed people to access foreign-language Illogicopedias.
2007 June 22-25 12:27 on June 22 to 08:47 on June 25 Testostereich wrote Mouse Trap for the Illogic Pickle.
2007 July 7 16:27 Fashionista5676 wrote My Dumb Article for the Illogic Pickle.
2007 July 11 19:25 Results came in for the Illogic Pickle 1.1. The Best Straight Article award (for the "most accomplished rambling") went to Testostereich's Mouse Trap, the runner up was The Divine Fluffalizer's Lemon fish hair, and Foggy Glasses and Deviled Eggs were given honorable mentions. The Best Randumb Article award (for the pickle that made the least sense) went to Fashionista5676's My Dumb Article, the runner up was Flameviper's Random Insanity II, and The Illogic Pickle and Mind Dribble were given honorable mentions.
2007 August 9 08:48 The Divine Fluffalizer created Illogicopedia:Votes for Highlight. Around this time, the voting was made a major part of the Department of Limelight, and the forums were placed in a Subdepartment of Awardingses.
2007 August 24 15:32 to 16:12 MrMetalFlower wrote a history of the Subbuteo vs. Super Japan war.
2007 October 11-13 16:56 on the 11th to 10:53 on the 13th Testostereich wrote Silent Penguin's Bogus Journey.
2007 October 17 14:09 Silent Penguin started the Illogic Pickle 1.2.
2007 October 23-29 08:01 on the 23rd to 06:52 on the 29th Cainad wrote Lint for the Illogic Pickle.
2007 October 25-27 21:48 on the 25th to 20:52 on the 27th MathPoet wrote But He Were Happy for the Illogic Pickle.
2007 November 6 14:45 to 17:05 THE wrote Melville and the Ironing Board.
2007 November 17 12:52 to 16:59 THE wrote Melville and the Ironing Board: Part Two
2007 November 17 18:37 Testostereich created the EPIC template, after noting that Melville and the Ironing Board reminded him of Mouse Trap.
2007 November 17 18:39 to 18:42 its sequel, Mouse Trap, and But He Were Happy.- 2007 November 18 18:21 Testostereich awarded the EPIC template to Silent Penguin's Bogus Journey.
2007 November 19 10:17 to 10:48 MrMetalFlower wrote an article that is bound to be searched for if Illogicopedia ever gets an influx of emos. Don't believe me? Fall Out Boy My Chemical Romance Bullet For My Valentine Slayer Hawthorne Heights Panic! at the Disco Bring Me the Horizon Busted! Told you so.
2007 November 19 13:06 MrMetalFlower named his article an epic. However, this became very controversial, and the argument over whether this was an epic or not is still going on today.
2007 November 28 22:43 Results came in for the Illogic Pickle 1.2. The winner for Best Straight Article was MathPoet's But He Were Happy, and the runner up was TheLedBalloon's Dancing walrus. For Best Randumb Article, the winner was Cainad's Lint, and the runner up was Fonchezzz's Envelope in sentim. The honorable mentions went out to I forgot's Mucus, Thekillerfruitcake's Debating, and The Divine Fluffalizer's The Omnipresent Symbol Table in the Sky.
2007 December 1 20:30 Some WHAT!? started the Illogic Book.

The Tale of Ben, Toby, and Euan: January 4-April 17, 2008[edit]

This period covers the doings of Euan, Toby, and Ben -- their reality shows, their quarrels, and their cycle of retiring and then coming back.

Year Month Day Time UTC What happened
2008 January 4 13:12 Benedict blade started Big Brrother 2008.
2008 January 17 08:57 Euan!! EXTERMINATE ALL GEESE was indefinitely banned.
2008 January 17 09:09 Euan was removed from the competition due to his being blocked.
2008 January 25 02:50 Ryan opened the small buvver hoose and the competition began.
2008 February 1 20:32 THE was the first to be evicted from the small buvver hoose.
2008 February 8 22:13 Jojo Randomise was the second to be evicted from the house.
2008 February 9 17:07 Eiffel Tower started a supermarket.
2008 February 11 15:57 Eiffel Tower started Small Brrother as "The Reality Show."
2008 February 12 21:58 Silent Penguin started the Illogic Pickle 2.1. Results have not yet come out for it.
2008 February 21 19:56 "The Reality Show" was renamed Small Brrother.
2008 February 22 22:14 Fonchezzz won Big Brrother 2008.
2008 February 26 20:53 Eiffel Tower asked for the infiniban.
2008 February 28 17:55 Eiffel Tower returned, under the username Toby.
2008 March 23 09:52 Testostereich named the Subbuteo vs. Super Japan history an epic.
2008 March 30 19:53 MrMetalFLower blocked Toby.
2008 April 17 17:58 Ben retired from Illogicopedia.
2008 April 26 11:17 Benedict blade returns under the username TheBladester.

The Phase of Large Buildup: May 24-October 14, 2008[edit]

As users such as Jojo Randomise left at the beginning of the summer, other users started to move in, such as Binclin (now known as Huge bob), Dxpenguinman, T3PO, and Readmesoon. Several events in this period shook the site into realizing that it was time to reform.

Year Month Day Time UTC What happened
2008 May 24 17:11 Binclin makes his first edit.
2008 May 29 04:11 Dxpenguinman makes his first edit.
2008 June 24 04:14 Readmesoon writes about bread danger, then appears to have taken a long break and come back to start editing frequently in late August.
2008 July 9 22:27 T3canolis writes his first article, Bob, the One-Eyed Guy.
2008 August 29 00:34-02:08 BobThatHead vandalizes Illogicopedia for 1½ hours straight. It was the middle of the night in the UK, where most admins resided, so he did not receive a ban in that time.
2008 August 29 11:04 Hindleyite finally bans BobThatHead. Discussion begins about the need for a non-UK admin.
2008 October 14 22:17 TheBladester retires, saying that "this isn't the same wiki that I joined in December last year."

SPOTLIGHT: The midnight attack of BobThatHead[edit]

2008 Ergust 29 00:34-02:08 BobThatHead begins a stream of vandalism, in what is the middle of the night in the UK.
2008 Ergust 29 01:18 T3canolis, being a US user, begins to revert BobThatHead's edits.
2008 Ergust 29 01:24 T3canolis leaves. BobThatHead continues to vandalize.
2008 Ergust 29 01:36 Some WHAT!?, also in the US, arrives and continues T3's work at reverting the actions of BobThatHead.
2008 Ergust 29 01:44 Some WHAT!? raises an alert.
2008 Ergust 29 02:08 After a spree of user insulting, page-move vandalism, and expecting (but not receiving) the banhammer, BobThatHead stops vandalizing and leaves. Some WHAT!? continues to revert the vandal's edits.
2008 Ergust 29 02:57 Some WHAT!? reverts the final vandalism.

The Reformation Phase: October 15-November 7, 2008[edit]

By mid-October it was very clear that some change was needed on the site. Proposals were made, followed by actual changes. The most drastic one was that most Illogicopedia users moved completely out of Wikia and onto somewhere else.

Year Month Day Time UTC What happened
2008 October 15 22:24 Silent Penguin proposes that the entire site be locked away, and a new one started. Several users disagree.
2008 October 17 11:30 MMF and Testicles come up with an improvement on Seppy's idea, involving a total reform of the site. Plans were made for an article improvement drive, better reviewing, a main page revamp, changes to the voting system, and the appointment of a non-British admin.
2008 October 21 11:55 Hindleyite officially depreciates the old voting system and sets in place the current system.
2008 November 7 ??? The new fork is created and most ?pedia members move from Wikia.

A Continuation Of Events On The Old Wiki[edit]

Because the license in which all Wackypedia text is licensed under is incompatible with the license Illogicopedia uses, a screenshot is shown instead:

A cropped screenshot of the "Illogicopedia:Site chronology" page on Illogicopedia

The Reformation Phase II: November 4, 2015-present[edit]

Year Month Day Time in UTC What happened
2015 November 4 ??? AStranger195 discovers Wackypedia, read its history, and is planning to edit it and adopt it. He is also a member on Illogicopedia.
2017 March 25 ??? A user from another humor wiki threatens to vandalize Wackypedia. Shortly after, he complains to the VSTF. Is this the end? #SaveWackypedia
2017 March 25 ??? Or is it? A VSTF member ignores the complaint, telling the user from another humor wiki to use a contact form. #WackypediaSaved


I got all this information from going to what I thought were important places and clicking "past frenzies." If I didn't know what important places to go to, I went to places I had already visited and clicked on what I thought were important links.

What to do if you see an error[edit]

Report it in the babbling section. Or you can edit the table yourself, if you are marking the time when specific edits were made marking the event you put down.