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Banning System

  1. User gets black dots each time the user does wrong and a ban (For duration see table below).
  2. Each time a user earns a black dot the ban also doubles in length. e.g. first dot - 1 day ban, second dot - 2 day ban, etc.
  3. Beyond Five dots the user is banned infinitely.
  4. Black dots are wiped clean when a gold star is awarded; conversely, by gaining a black dot the user loses all stars.
  5. Non-admins are not allowed to add, remove or tamper with warnings, dots or stars. Doing so results in the addition of a black dot.


Dot System Values

Number of dots added Ban period for new value
(Werewolves assess the situation and give a warning and/or ban deemed suitable to the offence).
Type of Offences
Warning 0 day ban This should be given before giving a user a one dot offence if they have no dots before the offence.
+1 black dot 1 day ban Silly mistakes, such as repeatedly forgetting to sign posts.(note:Users cannot be banned infinitely for silly mistakes).
+2 black dots 2 day ban Minor offences, such as badmouthing other users, flame wars.
+3 black dots 4 day ban Average Offences, such as blanking a single page or a user changing the their own score or another users score.
+4 black dots 8 day ban Major offences, such as inappropriate content addition. (see policy)
+5 black dots 16 day ban Severe Offences, Such as blanking a large amount of pages or vandalism.
Any offence there after Infinite ban Earned by addition of two or more offences.

Ban time and new scores

If a user already holds Black dots the current dots are added onto the new offence, and the ban time will match the new score when the new offence is added. So if a person already has 2 dots and an offence giving an extra 2 dots then the user will serve a ban of 8 days.