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  This section is Logical, it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
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This is the place where you get to nominate and vote on which images go on the front page.

Cool! So how does this work?[edit]

Well, someone nominates an image and the rest of us discuss whether it should go on the front page, saying whether we like it or not and voting yay or nay. You can use for and against if you are boring like.

How to nominate[edit]

Add a new level 2 heading with the image's title and paste the following code:

 {{vfi|image name.jpg|350|Image title|caption|User}} 

Where "350" is the image width in pixels and can be adjusted according the the image. If the pic you are nominating does not have a caption make one up or just put a basic one and mention that it requires a better comment.

Full details[edit]

More information including nomming regulations can be found here.


New ones at the top, folks.

Microsoft Doors[edit]

Featured image candidate
Microsoft Doors

Introducing Microsoft's newest product: Doors!

Image credit: Readmesoon
Nominate - Discuss this image

Score: 0

Nom and For Well, it's been a whie since a fresh image has been on here and what better than this? I think it's funny, but let's see what you think... ~ ReadMeSoon!? The Desperate Book Gah!

  • Against. I already heard that one.[1] Plus... it isn't really randumb. --I forgot 05:33, 7 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Washingtion's Real Intentions[edit]

Featured image candidate
Washingtons Real intentions

Washington did take down a cherry tree, but not with an axe...

Image credit: Readmesoon
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Score: +/- 0
  • Its pronounced beeyatch, beeyak --Huge_bob 15:59, 17 Octodest 2008 (UTC)

Gentleman Parakeet[edit]

Featured image candidate
Polly the Gentleman

What is with this cracker nonsense? Polly would like a Biscuit.

Image credit: Readmesoon
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Score: 3


Featured image candidate

Darwin's theory gone tits up...

Image credit: Huge_bob
Nominate - Discuss this image
Score: 3


  • See here for featured images or here for failed attempts.