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  This section is Logical, it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

The questions most frequently asked about this wiki. Also see Wackypedia:Ten things you probably didn't know for similar information regarding as of yet not frequently asked questions.

What is this wiki?[edit]

See Wackypedia:About for more information.

This wiki is an insane repository of words put together in no particular order. It could be defined as a collection of randomness, a celebration of playful stupidity, insanity and silliness in general.

So, how long has this site been here?[edit]

See Wackypedia:History and Wackypedia:Site chronology for full details on the history of Wackypedia.

This wiki was originally the remains of the old Wikia version of Illogicopedia. However, Kate Susan, her alts, and a few people from the UnAnything wiki turned it into something completely different.

My article was deleted![edit]

Except for those that constitute vandalism, article deletion is rare. If an article breaks one of the Commandments it is first advised it be fixed up to comply with them. Usually, someone comes along and sorts things out but if it cannot be rectified, it is likely to be deleted.

Cool. Can I make an article about myself/my Highway Cat/my pet MoonMan?[edit]

Of course. You might want to read this first though.

How do I make text bigger? Change font? Include strikethroughs?[edit]

See here for help on common wiki HTML tags.

How do I write good nonsense?[edit]

Some general ideas:

  • Write before you think; you never know just what might come out! If fine according to content policy as well as "interesting to look at and possibly even read", then there you go!
  • Use your mind to come up with spurious associations.
  • Let your thoughts wander (into strange territory), mashing together the things you come across.