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  This section is Logical, it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

Thou Shalt Not disobey these commandments. Thus saith teh adminzLOL!!

Being the most basic parts of the principles this wiki is operated in accordance to, you are free to share your ideas of what should go here with the administration.

The Eleven and a Half Suggestions Commandments of Wackypedia[edit]

  1. We are Not Sane. Nothing on our site makes any sense.
  2. We are Not Persuasive. Our site is not intended to convince you to believe anything.
  3. We are Not Uncyclopedia. We do not do things just because Uncyclopedia, (or any other site) does them. We are not a substitute for Uncyclopedia or any other site.
  4. We are Not Against Uncyclopedia. Since Uncyclopedia is trying to be funny, and we are not, there can be no competition between the two sites, since their goals are entirely different.
  5. We are Not Mean. We do not host content that demeans or threatens people or groups of people. This also applies to how our administrators and community should behave towards site visitors.
  6. We are Not Nasty. We do not host "nasty" content, such as excessive profanity and graphic depictions or descriptions of sex, drugs and/or violence.
  7. We are Not Your Mom. You Mom Doesn't Work Here - so Clean Up After Yourself!
  8. We are Not Thieves. Be original! Copypasta will be deleted unless all of it belongs to you from another site and is so noted. Images in the wild may be re-used here on the basis of being used for parody but should be attributed where possible. "Original" also means not creating something that has been done before ad nauseum.