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Wackypedia is some sort of insane repository of words put together in no particular order. We, the writers, editors and Supreme Nommers hope that You will find our prose amusing, a word which here means, "Interesting for other people to look at and possibly even look at" but it is not required that your endless babblings be considered humorous by anyone - either objectively or subjectively - to qualify for incursion.

Below you can find general information about this wiki, its goals, rules, and how it relates to other wikis.

Your origins[edit]

Wackypedia is the old Illogicopedia. Illogicopedia has since moved to http://en.illogicopedia.org due to rifts with Wikia. The Wikia admins insisted on keeping the old site active, and thus this site exists.

What Happens Here[edit]

“Wackypedia is like Uncyclopedia, but without the requirement of comedy. Like a free-verse poetry site, but with no requirement as to whether it has to be poetic.”

The wiki is mostly dedicated to non-, semi- or entirely humorous surrealism (which might variously be considered clever, dumb, silly, or just plain nonsensical) and some satire. Humour-wise Wackypedia is more about anything funny that didn't necessarily take that much effort to make, or the kind of random self-referential humour you find removed from Uncyclopedia; the sort of thing people'll get a cheap laugh out of. Un-humour-wise, if such a word exists, Wackypedia will accept virtually anything with some form of redeeming value. This allows a fairly lax content policy that helps make the wiki more accessible to everyone, even members of the lower classes.

Rules of The Wiki[edit]

The basics can be summarized in The commandments as well as what follows:

  • Cyber-bullying is not tolerated.
  • Satire that is intended to persuade people to a specific point of view is directed to a political wiki.
  • Anything else can stay as long as it is clean and of any interest and it isn't a full moon.
  • A Werewolf's Decision is final. A Werewolf may however re-assess a choice, and you are free to take up any issues as long as you do so civilly; however, actively going against a decision when warned not to is punishable under the rules of the wiki, unless you have silver bullets of course, without them, you're pretty much screwed.

See Rules and banning system for how rules are implemented and enforced, and the policy page for more information on what content is considered clean and acceptable, and some basics of what is regarded as good form for editing.

Wackypedia in comparison to other wikis[edit]

The main focus of Wackypedia is randomness, silly humour and nonsense; as the name suggests, things that are illogical and lots of fart gags. Though it is often humorous, and humor value is valued, it is not the main goal.

Free-licensed wiki content that is suited for Wackypedia but does not fit its current location, such as nonsense on Wikipedia and random humor rejected from Uncyclopedia, can be imported to this wiki.

Differences from Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia is entirely different from Wackypedia (and every other humour wiki) in that Wikipedia's primary goal is to provide an encyclopedia as a useful reference source. Wikipedia is not intended to be funny or nonsensical at all. Any nonsense or humour is deleted from Wikipedia (and rightfully so), as Wikipedia has no place for it because they're basicaly up themselves.

Differences from Uncyclopedia[edit]

Generally, "funny stuff" that isn't random belongs on Uncyclopedia. Humour (mostly of the random kind) is second priority here, whereas Uncyclopedia's main goal is humour value of a broader selection of forms. Uncyclopedia has a fair share of random humor, and thus there is overlap between the two; Wackypedia is however less strict regarding the quality of its content, accepting things that would be deemed too silly and nonsensical for Uncyclopedia.

The opposite is true as well; much of the content of Uncyclopedia, though humorous, wouldn't fit here. In short, Uncyclopedia is for smarter, more cultured comedy; Wackypedia is for the kind of content that flies around in chain emails. Wackypedia could be termed a "working man's wiki", for which the content would be more accessible. Saying that, we are not just Uncyclopedia's all-purpose rubbish bin - we really appreciate well-written illogical articles; not just leftover scraps from the Uncyclopedian table. On a final note Uncyclopedia strictly enforces that all articles must be a finished product, that is a well set-out long comedic parody with links to other articles and images. Though this is readily acceptable in Wackypedia, we will accept shorter articles, as well as streams of nonsense - this isn't a call for everyone to start writing sub-standard articles just because they won't be deleted, rather a call to relax a little when writing.

Differences from the Encyclopedia Dramatica[edit]

We endorse nonsense largely for the sake of being nonsensical. Apart from being more coherent, Encyclopedia Dramatica has a rather mocking tone, often going for shock value and aiming to offend. It has a fair share of, as we would deem it, vanity and libel, which would be seriously frowned upon here. It also has spam in excess, which, though nonsensical, is not in the style we are primarily aiming for.

Differences from political satire wikis[edit]

Once again, our primary aim is not humor value; unless it is nonsensical to a large degree, political humor is better fit for Wikia's politics-related wikis.

Differences from Illogicopedia[edit]

Wackypedia used to be Illogicopedia. Wackypedia is very similar to Illogicopedia and used to be Illogicopedia, but no longer is Illogicopedia. Unlike Illogicopedia, Wackypedia accepts junk rejected from other wikis, like Uncyclopedia or Encyclopedia Dramatica. We don't take sides, and we're not particularly picky about anything. Mostly because WE ARE THE PIRATES WHO DON'T DO ANYTHING! And the captains took the rowboat and left the ship in 2008.

Other comparisons[edit]

Some of our nonsense has been noted to have a similarity to the kind of stuff that Homsar says (see examples here) and here ---------------------------> \/ ( - _ - ) \/

See also[edit]

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