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Mississippi flag.jpg

Tupelo, Mississippi – The Mississippi state legislature has its cap set to change its state flag. This will be the 377th attempt to do so.

The current group of representatives looked up in the sky one day and wondered what that thing was on the state flag. A Wikipedia search told them it was the Confederate battle flag. "Golleee, was we ever surprised," noted state senator "Bubba" Goering. The search also showed that Mississippi wasn't part of the Confederacy anymore. "We was even more shocked at that and just figgered Wikipedia made a mistake." But a quick check of subsidy checks sent by the national government to Mississippi proved that the Confederate States was no longer in power.

Of course, critics charge the flag change proposal is just a ploy since nothing ever came of all the previous attempts to change the flag. "This just buys them time to hide all the statues of Confederate generals," noted an anonymous Pinko from some Commie organization. Whether a flag change means an end to slavery in the state is anyone's guess.

No new design has been proposed yet, although many people expect it to be changed to the Confederate battle flag alone to match all the other flags being flown in the state. Otherwise, just removal of the Confederate flag means that the flag will be the one of Yugoslavia before 1941. Since turn-back-the-clock days are popular with sports teams, this may be the likeliest flag design change that will never happen.