WackyNews:Kim didn't disappear, says N. Korea

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Kim Jong-un demonstrating his powers in 2013.

PyongyangNorth Korea has denied that its leader and Porky Pig-lookalike Kim Jong-un disappeared for an estimated twenty days due to health problems.

"The Western news services are all about fake news, and this is certainly the case here. Our Glorious Leader is perfectly fine," said a government spokesperson. "This is an exaggeration of his partial disappearance, which happens all the time. Invisibility is one of Our Great Friend's superpowers that he can control at will. And this ability was used recently to make a point to some visiting schoolchildren. And it has nothing to do with the recent nuclear explosions in Antarctica nor the assassination of dissidents that he happened to dislike.

Many governments agreed that news sources were misinterpreted and should be more careful. At the same time, they expressed their wishes that Kim Jong-un would disappear forever.