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J.K. Rowling replies to her critics after demonstrating her transphobia. Again.

Midsomer, England – Ever since she has started rubbing shoulders with upper class twits, J.K. Rowling once again has felt the need to slur the LGBT community. Like any self-styled celebrity, she enjoys tweeting nonsense opinions since everyone around her has stopped listening to her spouting off. In December, she threw her support behind discredited researcher Maya Forstater's weird opinions about transgender people.

This time it was about transgender women, with Rowling crowing that she was the real deal and transgenders basically don't count. This was a comment worthy of Prince Philip on a good day. Of course, an author depending largely on deus ex machina as a writing device time and again should not be expected to think clearly in real life. Daniel Radcliffe immediately spoke up in defense of transgender folks, thankfully proving the Harry Potter universe is not completely populated by dimwits.

Once again, Rowling had the spin doctors hard at work and made a half-assed non-apology. Dang, who let this former welfare queen out of the box? She used her appearance to plug her new e-book Pedo Mick Trannies Stole My Rolls From Under the Noses of My House N*****s. Be sure to buy it, won't you? 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Front.