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House for sale B.jpg

Virtual realty is for when you are ready to sell the house you so carefully built in The Sims. Thought this was virtual reality? If so, see an optometrist or take the red pill.

If you've been playing the game for a long time, then you know how to talk up your house with anyone passing by. Over and over and over. So why not turn that skill into something useful? All you need is to get your virtual realty license by studying for the test. In your case, you can cheat to your heart's content. After all, there's no ethics test required. So that when you get that license, you can lie your ass off about how great your house is and all the features it probably doesn't have. Just like real estate sellers in the real world.

And features are what's important to potential victims buyers. An important one is a fireplace, where if they discover that you're all bullshit, you can kill them and stuff their lifeless body up the chimney. Nobody but Santa will know, and not until Christmas, when you should have that house sold. Which reminds me. You need to get that body out of the swimming pool and clean the bones out of the backyard barbecue.

Expecto patronum[edit]