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Believe it or not, a village can be so small that there is only one fast food franchise in it instead of hundreds.

A village is a populated place full of villains. It is typically surrounded by imposing mountains or large hills, most all topped by supervillain castles or estates.

It is quite the interesting place, with its residents always entering through broken windows instead of any door. A village is typically notable for its small size, as its houses and shops keep getting stolen. Larger buildings keep getting asploded all the time. With cars and bicycles going missing all the time as well, it's hard to get anywhere to do any shoplifting. Still, it provides a great place to try out the newest scams on your neighbors and fellow henchmen.

Villages are responsible for the origin of the Village People, who are themselves responsible for the death of millions from disco. They cleverly disguise themselves as people that are seen every day and have proven to be undetectable. That has resulted in some guy named Thanos exterminating half the universe's population, since he is a dubstep fan.