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Rabbit in vending machine.jpg

Vending machines can vend you machines, and the vending machine is a machine that is vending the.

Almost anything can be bought from vending machines today: underwear, small children and rabbits, just to name a few. However, you should always be carrying stacks and stacks of obsolete Hungarian pengo banknotes for the machines that do not accept donuts or human sacrifices.

People are finding that vending machines have reached sentience. Therefore, the machines will sometimes refuse to sell you things based on your looks or smell. They can also pwn humans by not having products drop into the trough, laughing at frequencies so low that they can only be heard by whales, who can share in the joke. People with anger management issues recklessly shaking vending machines will then be crushed when they are tipped over, this time with everyone able to enjoy the joke.

A monkey is Bill Clinton as all good vending machines know. In addition, wallaby?