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Awarded for your efforts against the hijacking of Wackypedia by the vandal known as Kate/Phyllis. Long live Wackypedia!


Hi, I'm an admin for the Wackypedia community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Uncyclopedia! If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

Please leave me a message if I can help with anything. Enjoy your time at Wackypedia!

Cg097 (talk) 05:41, Yoon 4, 2019 (UTC)

Interwiki links[edit]

Do you want to link this wiki to the French and Dutch versions that are still on Wikia? If you think it's worth it, I could request that Wikia links them here. Cg097 (talk) 20:03, 19 Jumbly 2019 (UTC)

That would make sense. I wonder if they'll be keeping them or not, though. Strange they'd close only the English version. I'm also not sure if they would point an interwiki here, but you can ask.
The site was down briefly just now because I was trying to disable the overaggressive caching (and didn't, since the system is complicated enough that I can't easily remove that part). There are some issues with that -- for logged-out users, pages don't update right away and Special:Random gets stuck pointing to a single page. The latter problem is also occurring on Uncyclopedia. I'll have to figure out a solution. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 20:50, 19 Jumbly 2019 (UTC)
Request made at Cg097 (talk) 03:36, 23 Jumbly 2019 (UTC)
They rejected the request, so you were right. Cg097 (talk) 02:50, 25 Jumbly 2019 (UTC)

Front page is broken if you're not logged in.[edit]

At least for me it is, this morning. Missing the sidebar, formatting is off, looks busted.

I think we need a solution to the "cache poisoning" problem. If we can't figure out how Wikipedia does it, then Varnish has to go.

Needless to say, if this can happen here, it no doubt can (and will) happen on as well. -- Snarglefoop (talk) 17:24, 23 Jumbly 2019 (UTC)

Well that's odd. It unbroke again. Maybe it's because the phase of the moon changed and caused a cache flush? -- Snarglefoop (talk) 22:28, 23 Jumbly 2019 (UTC)

Upload size limit[edit]

Hi Boss!

Reported size limit is 2MB but my attempt to upload a gif reported to be 1.2MB gives an error message as "too big". Is this size a not-yet implemented thing, and if so, can you tell me what is the current limit? Maybe I can shrink the gif to fit and still make it look good.

On another front, I've been working on getting rid of double redirects and now just reading your Userpage, I see why so many articles redirect to Shit. So I will also start to untether the redirects to Shit. However, I noticed that other users seemed to think redirects was the way to delete pages or move pages to mainspace, etc. Creative but odd. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 05:48, 1 Arche 2020 (UTC)

This is the same problem Spike ran into on Uncyc. Both PHP and Nginx limit the file size, and MediaWiki can't see the Nginx limit (1 MB). I've just fixed it here too. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 08:16, 1 Arche 2020 (UTC)
Thanks as ever. Quick service either planet! --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 09:47, 1 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Articles redirected to Shit[edit]

I started working on restoring these also. Notice the article count rising (relatively) dramatically with nobody here. That's not due to my writing, which is mostly picking up existing blank articles to flesh out. So redirect pages don't count in that reported total; good to know.

These redirects all appear to be bottom-of-the-barrel stuff or vanity. Most will pass the test and get restored but a few truly need to be deleted. Hope this okay for these articles. Since Wackypedia has high tolerance for vanity, I've generally restored those articles, too, although the users mentioned are long gone. I've kept redirects to user's pages when they had something decorative and funny there; that's actually not a bad idea. I find that the current Lyrithya's(?) Illogicopedia has deleted some and kept others, including blank articles.

Based on double redirects and other redirects found, it looks like nobody ever deleted pages back when. Was there even a move button then, perhaps not working in mobile view? I can't imagine that, though. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 20:59, 4 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Thanks -- you seem to have a higher tolerance for this kind of tedious stuff. Couldn't tell you what's allowed for articles because Illogicopedia never had much in the way of policies and, as Wackypedia, it never had much of a community AFAIK. Or if there was one in the past, it doesn't seem to be here now. Pages weren't deleted because until Cg097 adopted the wiki in 2017 there weren't any active admins. FS356 adopted it in 2009 and disappeared the same year. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 23:24, 6 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Made the list of wanted articles disappear from the front page[edit]

A low priority problem.

I clicked on the leftmost (and redlinked) entry "Doo-wappa-doo" which gave me the page on which which I created the article. Checking back on the front page, the list is gone {for me, at least). I thought the location of this list/string of wanted articles was below the front page moon template. Do you see it? I cleared my cache and the list did not return. It's maybe nice to know I'm off the hook for all time to complete a wanted article, but I doubt that's the case. :-P --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 05:12, 6 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Was it ever on the main page? {{articlerequests}} isn't there now, and the main page hasn't been edited since December. I wouldn't worry about this, but you could add it somewhere if you want. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 22:51, 6 Arche 2020 (UTC)
It doesn't seem to be anywhere else, so I'm in the Twilight Zone. It's on Special:RecentChanges, a page where I always am checking except not when I wrote the above. I'm still in the Twilight Zone, I guess. The list is unchanging/needs to be changed manually, so is rather unuseful. EZ for me to fix. Ima add links to Short Pages and Wanted pages to the "Create" help page instead EDIT: done. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 01:22, 7 Arche 2020 (UTC)
Sounds good. It's also on Wackypedia:Request an article, which isn't linked to from the main page. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 15:33, 7 Arche 2020 (UTC)
It has the same template, such as it is. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 09:20, 23 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Internal link reporting not working as expected[edit]

I do this tedious stuff as a break from writing and to get some inspiration. It's also a tour of the site for me.

Speaking of tedious stuff, I'm trying to build bluelinks. I also want to eliminate duplicating redlinks in "Wanted Pages", like for plurals and msipeeled words. I'm not trying to be anywhere near comprehensive like I might for Uncyclopedia.

Anyway, in "Wanted Pages", I am finding links that are reporting as redlinks, but turn out only to be words surrounded by curly brackets, in quotes (of course).

Example is for the "Wanted Pages" redlink "A Foot", found only in the article GAAAH!. That appears in a Q quote template, which I am convinced is the culprit for that curly bracket reporting business. But also note that when you try to make "Foot" a bluelink, it does that, but the square brackets will then be displayed around "A Foot". This happened elsewhere so this is all of a piece, I think. Otherwise I like and tend to use the QQ template and have had no such problem putting bluelinks into any argument in that template when editing. I'd change such entries to QQ quotes but there are too many Q and maybe other possibly faulty quote templates to want to do that. Plus Q and QQ templates display in different typefaces. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 09:18, 23 Arche 2020 (UTC)

I also have to wonder if bluelinks appearing on the "Wanted Pages" has anything to do with the above, but I have not investigated any of those entries. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 09:29, 23 Arche 2020 (UTC)

{{q}} puts link brackets around whatever the second parameter is. This could be changed so it checks if the page exists, but that would make it impossible to use the {{!}} syntax for changing the link text -- though [[page|text]] will still work. The template page suggests using {{Q|quote||author}} for not linking the author, thus putting it into the "on X" slot, which is unintuitive.
The existing pages on Special:WantedPages are all in project space (Wackypedia:), except for two that are images from Wikimedia Commons. These are probably links to pages beginning with "Illogicopedia" instead, which I made into a namespace alias so those links would work. The wanted pages list can't automatically adjust to namespace changes, as we've seen on Uncyclopedia. I'll see if I can fix it. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 21:40, 23 Arche 2020 (UTC)
Running this right now, so the site might be slow. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 21:55, 23 Arche 2020 (UTC)
Got it, thanks. Still, unless you've done/are doing a major revision, Q is a bad actor all around to me. I also don't like the extra space it throws in above it and the typeface is fugly. It probably helps account for the huge number of the single-entry redlinks polluting the site; all single-entry redlinks from ! to end of letter B is 1300 entries alone. Seeing some redlinks on a page doesn't bother me, however you want to count "some"; a lot of redlinks on a page is bad presentation to a reader, methinks, especially in light of so many blank articles present. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 22:16, 23 Arche 2020 (UTC)
And what do you know, that got the blue links off the list.
I've changed {{Q}} so it uses the same font as the rest of the page and doesn't produce an automatic redlink. I don't see any extra space, though I've removed some excess newlines from {{QQ}} (which FWIW looks like it was copied from Illogicopedia). Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 22:30, 23 Arche 2020 (UTC)
Excellent! Everything has that lemony fresh scent!
By the way, there was no lag while this was apparently running. You keep mentioning the slowness of the site sometimes, but I've never really experienced it, not that I have a speedy connection. In changing category entries, entries move off category lists gradually, the same as And it's there nowadays where slow loading and timeouts happen for me. I thought some categories were causing the problem (there were a couple of infinite loops I found and disconnected), that's why I started working a lot on categories over there. And here. I used to get delays and time outs when editing on a Belgian site. The programmers were good and tried a lot of things that didn't help. Doing a speed test where the legs are shown and timed showed all the delay was somewhere in crossing the US. You might check out your connection, too. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 13:59, 24 Arche 2020 (UTC)
I thought it would slow the site down because it did that when I tried running it on Uncyclopedia. Doesn't seem to have here. To me it seems like the Ris Teq wikis are exceptionally slow, and GTmetrix finds this site to be slower too (than Uncyc and Wikipedia), but you think it might be my connection? I could check. Maybe it's Canada vs. the US. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 01:32, 25 Arche 2020 (UTC)


In trying to edit this page, I did something to get this mess:

plus more unrecognized stuff following it. What is this? I did not complete the edit.--Nigel Scribbler (talk) 09:22, 27 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Looks like the CSS wasn't loaded. There may have been issues with the site because I was trying to set up a WordPress instance and restarted the server software multiple times. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 09:30, 27 Arche 2020 (UTC)
I should have said earlier, but obviously, back to normal now. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 10:24, 28 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Mobile view/skin pwns browser[edit]

This was noted by email previously. Don't know if you implemented the intended fix. This happened again.

Google has stored the page Mossad in mobile view/skin, apparently(?). Opening it then caused other tabs (Firefox) I had open to also display mobile view/skin when I went back to them. Clearing the cache solved the problem (again). This looks to be a problem with Firefox. I used Chrome with Duck Duck Go as its browser, found "Mossad" in the category page that it had indexed, opened it and got the normal/expected view. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 12:51, 31 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Looks like the URL Google indexed for that page has mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile at the end, which forces the site to the mobile view and sets a cookie. You get out of this by clicking on the "Desktop" link at the bottom of the page. I did try to fix the original problem, but what you're seeing here is how it's supposed to work (except for Google getting hold of the wrong URL). Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 21:11, 31 Arche 2020 (UTC)
Thanks, didn't scroll down enough. Didn't know until now that Duck Duck Go blocks cookies. The Wackypedia mobile view/skin is the only one I've ever encountered via Google search despite all the times I've used the search with (say) Uncyclopedia. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 22:55, 31 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Are all articles that have been recovered now available?[edit]

I ask because I am running into redirect pages like: *User:MathPoet/Oh Domino

there had to be content, but the earliest event in the log is a redirect. A finished article doesn't exist, either. EDIT: I may have answered my own question. Both were found over at you-know-where, without newer edits.

EDIT: I checked again and Oh Domino was there all the time. And someone dropped in Tree Hunt!, with the old history, even. Also, I'm finding a few pages blanked by Kate Susan but not redirected to Shit. I'm looking out for these now but some might be like the above examples. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 23:25, 31 Arche 2020 (UTC)

Tree Hunt was moved to mainspace and later deleted. I don't know why it was deleted (though I'd guess author request by someone leaving for Illogicopedia) or why 2a0b:f4c1::6 put it back. Just now I did run across a few more articles that had been redirected, mostly IRC logs. There are <200 redirects left at this point. Special:ShortPages might find you blanked pages, but most of the stuff at the top seems to be pages created with no content except for a template. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 09:58, 1 Arply 2020 (UTC)
Okay, if Hindleyite killed Tree Hunt! it goes back to oblivion. Anybody else and I would let it stay.
I've taken the lowest number of bytes pages on Special:ShortPages as a priority for writing and have looked at the histories too. No joy with the current remaining ones, at least so far. German words are of very low priority for me, though I've added to a couple. I'm arbitrarily taking 400b as a cutoff for determining essentially blank pages and thus as candidates for writing.

--Nigel Scribbler (talk) 23:16, 1 Arply 2020 (UTC)

Article restoration part 2[edit]

I was going to ask if the Forum posts in limbo were to be restored, but you answered that question. So the next question is: will the forum be restored? No crying need for it at the moment, I think, so it's a very low priority I'm sure.

Also note that I have passed over some redirects to Shit and elsewhere. Those I've looked at and have yet to decide if they're really worth reviving. Now I have brought back some marginally funny IRC chats but the above are really crap to useless. There are also game pages that I'm not sure are anywhere near finished and have kept them back. You can restore any of these if you like, of course, but you might fall asleep if you read them. But I now see how Lyrithyacopedia's number of articles is a somewhat inflated one. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 23:31, 1 Arply 2020 (UTC)

Unfortunately this causes them to be marked "active" on Forum:Illogicopedia, but leaving them as they were wouldn't be right either. What do you mean about the forum being restored? It's still possible to post there in the unlikely event someone decides to.
Some of these pages may be low quality, but having them as redirects to Shit is kind of strange, so I think it's better to restore them to their previous state and then maybe delete them. You can undo my edits if you want. IRC articles are mainly relevant to a community that is no longer here. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 08:01, 2 Arply 2020 (UTC)
The forum is a redlink in Beginner's guide as is the Importing pages from other wikis link there, so I thought it was a dead area. The forum is available on the sidebar, so the redlink may be another Kate Susan thing. Will fix, and update the main page images and text. The Games main page goes first.
Okay, I'll review and see what's really worth saving. Still, I don't mind leaving some poor quality stuff, as it might induce someone finding it to do better; better than a blank page (somewhat). There is actually far less pure mediocrity than Uncyclopedia, probably since bad writers over there seem obligated to write long articles and there's just a larger body of work over there.
Actually it was you. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 22:00, 2 Arply 2020 (UTC)
Ha! Sorry about that. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 22:06, 2 Arply 2020 (UTC)

Request for random selection ability[edit]

MediaWiki page for Extension:RandomSelection

Currently, this is for use with Template:White rabbit 5813a which reports to White rabbit 5813. An option is duplicated in the template page because I do want it to appear more often. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 05:05, 3 Arply 2020 (UTC)

It's installed already. Not working right? Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 05:37, 3 Arply 2020 (UTC)
Apparently not working right. Hard to see if I did something wrong; it's too simple. It was almost properly set up before with the exception of trying to add other parameters like "center" in the wrong place. When I removed that stuff, the random selection did not work, so I temporarily put all except one entry in comments. I've added a couple more entries since then.
In editing the template in preview, I always get the first file in the list, File:Morpheus.jpg. When saved, I always get the last file on the list, both on the template page and the target page. This all works fine over at for the actual DYKimage list. I tried separating list entries with spaces, and it didn't help. But that shouldn't matter as "no spaces between entries" style is used for the list for DYKs without images over there. And if I've ever screwed up tags there, the entry just wouldn't appear or would be stuck onto a neighbor.
Over at .ca, one can cycle through DYK entries (of either type by just using the refresh button; featured image, too. I don't know when that began, but that seemed to be on some kind of daily timer before. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 06:44, 3 Arply 2020 (UTC)
Your code looks fine, so it's probably just taking its time to change the image. uncyclopedia:Template:DYKimage doesn't change instantly on refresh either, even though its transclusion on the main page does. (I don't know what's different about the main page. There wasn't a timer.) There's some amount of caching involved. The 1.32+ version has even more caching, but we're not there yet -- the next upgrade will be later this year or next year. You can force a refresh by making a null edit to either {{White rabbit 5813a}} or White rabbit 5813. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 06:56, 3 Arply 2020 (UTC)
Thanks again. I just jumped over to Duck Duck Go and got a different image. Came back to Firefox still signed in and the image that was there before was changed but does not change with a refresh. So it's persistent browser caching, perhaps? I can cycle through DYKs at .ca using refresh on Firefox, but not on Duck Duck Go so that seems like a browser thing, too. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 07:04, 3 Arply 2020 (UTC)
It could be browser caching (you mean Chrome?), but if you're not logged in, you see the page as cached by Varnish. That would also make a difference. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 07:09, 3 Arply 2020 (UTC)
Yes, this is the Duck Duck Go search engine running under Chrome, on the same machine that has Firefox. I'll try logging in from Chrome and see what happens. I also do have a Chromebook which I didn't try out for this). I should try Tor, too, just for fun. It's still odd to me that the random function works so well at .ca using Firefox for me but not here. I'll play around with White Rabbit some more; you are off the hook for this as I'm pretty convinced it's browsers. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 12:17, 3 Arply 2020 (UTC)


Can I delete the entries from Special:WantedPages? This was included in 18 templates at one time but looks to have never been used in the first place. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 20:51, 6 Arply 2020 (UTC)

There was never any template by that name, so yes, it should either be created or have its transclusions removed. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 21:25, 7 Arply 2020 (UTC)
All removed. They were all part of Wikipedia templates that I've never seen used (yet). --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 21:32, 14 Aym 2020 (UTC)



You realize how deep you are getting into this stuff? I am very pleased, for whatever that counts. Happy Easter! --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 22:58, 12 Arply 2020 (UTC)

Deep? Well, I'm glad you like it, since you're most of the community here. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 23:32, 12 Arply 2020 (UTC)


Note that Quotes is a subcategory of itself here and counted as such, offset by a blank line. It's the same page exactly so creates an infinite loop.

  • there is nothing on the page that I can edit that would add the category to itself. I could do something like that, but not this time (I hope)
  • I have checked category levels above it and didn't find a loop from there
  • I have checked a bunch of quote templates (but not all) and none have an embedded general Quotes category
  • This doesn't seem to cause any problems at this point --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 08:28, 13 Arply 2020 (UTC)

New messages spoof[edit]

A FYI. Got this message which only appeared on this template page:

Message message.jpg

I clicked to go to my talk page. This is a spurious message -- I only have one old message, not even two. Something to do with the vandal? I thought when I responded by clicking, the bar should disappear when I came back but it did not. However, I note that the Chrome cache is pretty persistent and takes a couple of refresh tries to reflect changes sometimes, and I may not have done that.

I went back to other pages I had open (main page included) and refreshed but the message did not appear there. When I overwrote the template/page, the message bar disappeared. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 09:53, 25 Aym 2020 (UTC)

The vandal did in fact leave you a message, but I rolled back all the edits from the account, so it would have seen that as an additional "message" from me. I don't know why the bar kept appearing. Sounds like a cache issue. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 19:15, 25 Aym 2020 (UTC)

File list anomaly[edit]

This is a low priority fix, nothing to lose sleep over.

While going through Special:ListFiles, 100 records at a time, I got this result for (I think) the 8th page only:

File list01.jpg

Note the thumb and all data fields are gone except the first 2. The links work fine and the file pages appear to be normal. The following search page and subsequent ones are normal. I then set the counter to 250 pages and all entries for the (concurrent) page produced were similarly blanked.

I have since added several files, so the list has obviously changed from the above but still has this behavior at (I think) the 8th page. So this is probably not a problem with a particular record but something to do with list generation. I think. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 12:52, 15 Yoon 2020 (UTC)

What I'm mostly noticing about ListFiles is it loads like molasses. I can see Apache taking close to 100% of the CPU for over 10 seconds, so I know it's not just me.
I see a scrollbar on your screenshot, suggesting the missing info is pushed to the right. On the date offset specified, there are two files with extremely long names that take up most or all of a normal browser width:
Since file names aren't wrapped with word breaks, any section of ListFiles that includes these will look like it's missing parts. Renaming them might solve the problem. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 03:26, 16 Yoon 2020 (UTC)
Didn't see the scroll bar, obviously. I'm used to the category pages handling long names as overlapped text. Renaming is in the cards for these and others that do not wordwrap, then. Thanks! --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 11:03, 16 Yoon 2020 (UTC)

Bad sort in Category:WackyDictionary[edit]

Another low priority puzzle.

I assumed that WackyDictionary was a separate namespace, therefore articles should sort on the first letters of the specific article. No? As you can see, a few sort that way, but most do not. Nearly all of these are redirected from the original mainspace article and are formatted to be proper WackyDictionary articles. I had WackyDictionary:Detention accidentally titled as Wackypedia:Detention but categorized under WackyDictionary, and it appeared as one of the alphabetized entries. When corrected, the article joined the others sorted under "W".

The articles do alphabetize correctly on the WackyDictionary:Main Page. This is not significant. Duh.

Cyrillic alphabet? Something I'm doing wrong? --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 08:06, 5 Jumbly 2020 (UTC)

WackyDictionary is not a namespace, like the other "pseudonamespaces" such as WackyNews. You can check the list of namespaces here. The pages sorted in alphabetical order have a DEFAULTSORT sort key. If you want them all sorted like that, you can add DEFAULTSORT or a category sort key like [[Category:Foo|key]]. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 23:21, 9 Jumbly 2020 (UTC)
I see that. But Detention never had a defaultsort, didn't need one, and yet was initially alphabetized under D on the category page. A lot of entries in the category were also converted to WackyDictionary:XYZ from their plain mainspace names and retain a redirect from their plain titles, just like "Detention" does. Maybe I'm trying to put too fine a point on this. I could chalk it up to the browser or even the system doing the (incorrect) sort as a new entry due to persistent caching or somesuch (categorized images don't always appear on a category page very quickly, for whatever reason, for example), but "Detention" was alphabetized under "D" for about a week before I corrected the name. Okay, end of thread. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 18:06, 16 Jumbly 2020 (UTC)

DISPLAYTITLE oddity[edit]

Not an error report, more of a suspected anomaly report.

A displayed title was once reset successfully to "Phyllogicapedia" on the page Illogicapedia using DISPLAYTITLE. This is now reverted to the latter for obvious reasons of content. The page was never moved and redirected to the new title as you can see in its history.

I thought DISPLAYTITLE could not be used to spoof fake titles, yet here this is. In converting titles to italicized text, I've made spelling mistakes and had the system reject a title due to not matching the actual page title exactly. If it's a FANDOM artifact, by the time I got there, you couldn't do this. Interesting. I suppose that I just don't know how to make mistakes properly. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 17:43, 16 Jumbly 2020 (UTC)

I configured DISPLAYTITLE so it can be used to show any title. This only happened in April because I hadn't previously realized there were pages that needed it. There's still a template {{title}} that doesn't work. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 17:52, 16 Jumbly 2020 (UTC)
Good to know. I was reluctant to ask for that since I worried about abuse. Well, there's your Kate/Phyllis (attempted) abuse as a time bomb that exploded years later. I hope this is the only one there is. Stop laughing! --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 18:14, 16 Jumbly 2020 (UTC)

Newest images not reporting page usage[edit]

Not a high priority problem.

is used at Marijuana

is used at Wind

Both appear in Unused files since there is no usage location attached to either page. They do exist on the pages noted. These are the two most recent images added to the site. I made null edits right now to both but no joy there. My laptop has been misbehaving lately and throwing a lot of 504 errors at me, so I wonder if the pages were corrupted on creation. But I don't recall any problems with these two. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 03:02, 12 Aym 2021 (UTC)

I upgraded PHP to 7.3 on both servers recently, which may have caused trouble with images here too as it's not compatible with MediaWiki 1.31.1. I just did a minor version upgrade to 1.31.2 and made null edits to Marijuana and Wind, and now the file pages report usage correctly. It was probably PHP and not the files or pages.
BTW I notice you haven't been here much the past week. Is everything okay? Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 06:41, 12 Aym 2021 (UTC)
Me, about as good as currently possible. Double witching hour of a severely malfunctioning laptop plus phone not receiving service though I get bars and I'm paying for it. Laptop works now after very long multiple self-repair sessions (but not perfectly). The 4-month-old phone will probably go in the trash for various reasons. I went to the recently reopened library in the meantime and they did not have internet available yet. Modern tech -- gah. Thanks for the fix. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 08:02, 12 Aym 2021 (UTC)

hieroglyphics not working as expected[edit]

Very low priority complaint.

See end of article Time travel 3. The hieroglyphic "eye" characters I've been using, D9 or D10, are rendered by the equivalent of hiero tags. Still supported by MediaWiki as far as I can tell: The hieroglyphics extension is reported not formally tested with version 1.32 and later for whatever that's worth.

The characters are used as a decorative element in "See/See also" headers. (I think) with the changeover to MediaWiki 1.35, the character no longer sits on the same line as the English text. Nonfatal but not as intended and clubby, particularly when stacked with the "edit" link. The size of the hieroglyph was not a factor before, but in any case the hiero "tags" do not respond to HTML small tags nor the unbreakable space string.

WackyDictionary:Hieroglyphics still renders fine with "#" line numbering as expected, but when it encounters the new section, the eye glyph and the "edit" link don't sit on the same line, similarly for the bullet character and bird hieroglyph.

In any case, don't waste too much time on this. Explanation of hieroglyphic usage used to buried somewhere in "Preferences" but I can't find it at the moment. Nobody, absolutely nobody else, at Uncyclopedia or here has ever used even just a single character. I've never used hieroglyphics at Uncyclopedia.

Hieroglyphs are not supported by Miraheze, though I suppose I can ask for the extension. I use eyeball images there instead. Obviously, I can make the hieroglyphs here into images but am loath to replace the ones already in place. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 08:15, 23 Yoon 2021 (UTC)

It seems <hiero> wraps the images it produces in a table. I fixed the section header issue by making those tables display inline in MediaWiki:Common.css. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 00:06, 25 Yoon 2021 (UTC)
Belated thanks for the fix. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 00:16, 1 Jumbly 2021 (UTC)


Low priority problem.

Weird things happening here.

ßawmb appears under Category:Things that go Boom. Hit that link and we are taken to SSawmb, translated from the German character. I haven't found another article with a leading special character yet but they should exist. If this behavior happens throughout the site, that is trouble. This "article" reports itself as not existing(?).

I have not tried to create the article at this point to try and get the assumed old article data back.--Nigel Scribbler (talk) 08:09, 27 Jumbly 2021 (UTC)

After upgrading to PHP 7.3, ß can no longer begin titles and is converted to SS. I've run cleanupTitles.php to make invalid titles accessible and moved the page to ẞawmb (with ). There are now also some pages beginning with "Broken/" that may need to be moved or deleted. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 15:49, 4 Ergust 2021 (UTC)
Thanks again. Will be going after the "Broken/" articles shortly. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 18:20, 4 Ergust 2021 (UTC)
"Broken/": All done. FYI, there was a page title Forum:You blew up that redlink! that was a spoofed forum page accounting for it appearing in mainspace. Took a while to figure out long ago what was going on there. Now changed.
Otherwise, it looks like the Powers That Be finally decided that characters that are never used as a leading character, like ß, assume they will never be used as such. Speeds up searches, maybe, but all those still-legal Chinese characters will slow that down. In any case, ¢ and Â¢ã‚¢ã‚¢ã‚¢ã‚¢ã‚¢ã‚¢ã‚¢ã‚¢ï¼ caused a problem before all this. Both were deleted some time ago since they duplicated another page, yet remained as redlinks on the Dead-end pages list, for example, yet were actually deleted. I don't remember anyone doing this accented character "name game" on Uncyclopedia. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 23:50, 4 Ergust 2021 (UTC)

Search for "Therefore a" generates no links[edit]

medium level problem.

Using "therefore a" as a search term, the system finds articles apparently containing "a" but not "therefore". By comparison, using that search on miraheze gives the expected results of which there are at least several that mirror/are the same as risteq articles. Plus, I thought the search required both terms to exist in an article, as it did just a few minutes before for Dandruff. This is done to find articles to bluelink to the new entry. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 08:05, 31 Jumbly 2021 (UTC)

mw:Help:Searching says all search terms need to be on the page, so this shouldn't happen. I don't know how to fix it, but I do get the expected results for "therefore a" in quotes, if you're looking for the exact phrase. Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 16:16, 4 Ergust 2021 (UTC)
Okay, I'll take it as a quirk for this word. Wasn't looking for the exact phrase above but search results to avoid only getting an existing page only. This was done to create bluelinks to "therefore". In case you were wondering, unquoted search terms work as expected at Uncyc. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 18:36, 4 Ergust 2021 (UTC)


Irritating minor problem

Roll over the redlinks here and compare with the link changes to make them bluelinks. The redlinked rollover articles aren't even the previous edits for this article. A null edit does nothing. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 22:55, 6 Ergust 2021 (UTC)

False problem created by mental confusion. My bad. Carry on. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 22:16, 7 Ergust 2021 (UTC)

Cannot add existing file to existing page[edit]

I attempted to add File:Welksnl001.jpg to Xenthyro but was only given the warning boilerplate for copied screenshots, no image at all. Both image and article exist from Wikia days. --Nigel Scribbler (talk) 23:46, 31 Ergust 2021 (UTC)

I tried adding the image, and it displayed normally. Did you transclude the file page (which contains the screenshot license template)? Llwy-ar-lawr (talk) 02:29, 3 Serpeniver 2021 (UTC)
Nope. I just used the file name in square brackets as usual. Otherwise I would have got the image and text on the page, no? Thanks for the check.--Nigel Scribbler (talk) 20:50, 7 Serpeniver 2021 (UTC)