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Welcome to Wackypedia! Hope you enjoy your stay, please leave your nouns in the locker room (the one marked LOLCHEESE!!!).

Sososo anyway this is an official greeting from a user who may or may not be a admin/sysop/werewolf so here come the obligatory links to pages to help you out and tell you "Don't be teh vandal kthx":

A beginner's guide is here;
If you want more info on Wackypedia, tis right here, and I particularly recommend you read the "Wackypedia in comparison to other wikis" section in case you come from Uncyclopedia or other wikis;
A less sensible explanation of our beloved 'pedia is here;
our general disclaimer is there-> LOOKIE
The rules, such as "ROFL KILL THE BABIESN'T PLZN'T (notn't)" are here. People breaking the rules will have a koala thrown at them, and could possibly be given a Chinese burn.

So that's it all I hope... please be nice, make great articles and help contribute to our community in any way possible: e.g. template making, voting for articles or users, et cetera.

You don't like jam?[edit]

Pheh, next you'll be telling me you aren't a man. But, I suppose that would make sense on an illogical wiki. I think. Anyhoo, wilkommen von ze Illogicospielen thingy. Ve hope you like eet here.
I'm not German, by the way. -- Newforum.png Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here!