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This article refers to the ED sysop. For the bleeding cunt of the same name, keep on reading.
EDpolice.gif WARNING:
Zaiger420 is a butthurt faggot.

Please remind him of this as often as possible.

A truly towering figure in the annals of online faggotry, Zaiger420 is perhaps the most butthurt shithole on the entire interwebz. As a world-class homofag with a swathe of ghey fuckbuddies, he is considered a major source of cancer across a range of shitfail websites including Encyclopedia Dramatica, DeviantART and Youtube. Having systematically ruined ED with his unique blend of AIDS and Fail, he is living proof that even the dimmest fucking retard can become a sysop on the world's shittiest website. He is universally hated for his infantile temper tantrums, his endlessly butthurt whining, and his lethally unfunny articles. Being a tremendous cunt, he naturally bans anyone who criticizes his crapshit writing attempts, constantly Bawwwwwing about how no one appreciates his subtle genius.

A brief history[edit]

Well basically, some worthless DA faggot turned up on ED and volunteered to suck Dirty Old Bastard’s cock in return for sysop privileges. The request was granted, and Zaiger immediately set about deleting anything even vaguely funny and buttfucking anyone who’d ever crossed him in the past.

Always eager for self-promotion, Zaiger still spends most of his time sucking up to the mods and attacking any one who dares criticize the admin. Everyone realizes he’s a bigoted fucktard, but as this is standard practice on ED, he’s frequently held up as a worthy role model for the n00bs to emulate.

How to write a Zaiger article[edit]

Zaiger420 has pretty much defined the classic ED writing style (and is therefore responsible for 98 percent of the shit currently clogging up the intertubez).

1. First, choose a suitable target – crooked politicians, registered sex offenders, serial killers, holocaust deniers azns, niggers, homofags, cripples, retards and anyone else you don’t like.
2. Type out a shitload of incoherent gibberish about them. Be sure to ignore any outdated literary conventions such as splling or grammer, as they obviously lower the quality of the article.
3. Liberally insert the words faggot, cunt, bullshit, fucktard, and semprini in a completely irrational order. Abuse must be entirely gratuitous and totally unnecessary, otherwise it is not worth reading.
4. Embellish the page with links and piping to every second word. This step is absolutely essential, as it is always hysterically funny.
5. Remember that ED is the wiki of 4chan, so make certain to add lots of unintelligible /b/tard memes that nobody understands (or gives a shit about).
6. Lock the page so that the article can ever be improved against your wishes. Being a sysop, your work is naturally above all criticism, and anyone who doesn’t like it can go take a flying fuck at the moon.
7. ????
8. PROFIT!!!
9. Oh yeah – don’t forget to insert utterly pointless quotes that no one wants to read.


Like every other literary genius gibbering retard on the planet, Zaiger's withering one-liners are on the lips of every cock-smoking faggot on the interwebz. Presented here for your viewing pleasure is a brief selection of his most memorable quotations, taken directly from his groundbreaking userpage:

  • "This isn't Wikipedia you fucking faggot. On ED MODS = GODS. Check your history, at least 5 SysOps are laughing at you for being a crybaby faggot pussy."
-Zaiger, comparing himself to god.
  • "I'm a sysop. Now stop being such a gigantic faggot before I beat your face to a bloody fucking pulp with my banhammer."
-Zaiger, dealing with user complaints.
-Zaiger, dealing with another complaint.
  • "In conclusion, this is my article and you all can go fuck yourselves with a pineapple if you think it is going anywhere."
-Zaiger, reacting to peer criticism with his usual maturity.

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