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Rob's Mum Is A Bitch[edit]

<Daniel> You guys this is all Rob's mums fault
<Rob> Shut Up Daniel
<Daniel> shes the 1 that started this damn club all bcuz shes a big, fat, stupid b
<Rob> Don't say it Daniel!
<Daniel> Wiiiiii
<Rob> Don't do it Daniel!
<Daniel> Wiiiiiiiiiiiii
<Rob> Daniel, im warning you
<Daniel> Ok, Ok
<Rob> I'm gettin pretty sick of him calling my mum a
<Daniel> Wiii, Rob's mum is a witch, a big fat bitch, shes the biggest bitch in the whole wide world, shes a stupid bitch if there ever was a bitch, a fuckin bitch, boys and girls
<Rob> Shut your fucking mouth Daniel
<Daniel & whole skool> Rob's mum is a bitch, a big fat bitch, shes the biggest bitch in the whole wide world, shes a stupid bitch if there ever was a bitch, and around the world it might sound a little bit like this
<Daniel> Il mum del rob è una femmina, una femmina grassa grande, shes la femmina più grande nel mondo largo di tutto, shes stupido una femmina se ci fosse mai una femmina
<Daniel> La maman du rob est une chienne, une grande grosse chienne, shes la plus grande chienne dans le monde large de totalité, shes une chienne stupide s'il y avait jamais une chienne

In The Classroom[edit]

<Teacher> What is the answer to 2+2
<Rob> I Think I Know the answer
<Daniel> Mah, Mah Blah Blah Blah Blah
<Rob> Shut up u fat ass
<Daniel> shut up u fuckin jew
<Teacher> Daniel did u just say the f word?
<Daniel> Jew?
<Rob> No hes talking about fuck u can't say fuck in skool u fucking fat ass
<Teacher> Robert!
<Daniel> Whats rong wiv sayin fuck?
<Ben> You just sed fuck again!
<Teacher> Daniel, Ben!
<Daniel> What it doesn't hurt anyone fuck, fuckedy, fuck , fuck
<Joe> fuuck
<Teacher> Daniel!!, Joe!
<Teacher> Daniel how wud u like 2 go to the principal?
<Daniel> How wud u like to Suck My Balls!
<Whole Class> *Class gasp
<Teacher> What did u say?
<Daniel> Oh Sorry, Sorry *He gets out a microphone HOW WOULD U LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS!!!
<Ben> Holy Shit

At Church[edit]

<Priest> So Jesus and his disciples carried on to the town of jerusalem
<Daniel> Dude, this sucks
<Rob> I know i shudn't even be here i am jewish
<Ben> Hey guys hav u ever wondered how to hav sex?
<Daniel> Argh i already know
<Rob> How the hell do u know?
<Daniel> What all you do is strip off, knock their tits about then stick it in em and pee
<Rob> Stick it in em and pee?
<Daniel> Well yeah if u wanna get em pregnant if not take it out and pee on their leg
<Priest> Daniel cud u cum up and read the next reading?
<Daniel> sure.
*Daniel has 2 pieces of paper in his pocket and gets 1 out*
<Daniel> He coughs I think the priest here is gay and also Rob's mum is a Bitch, oh wait this isn't the right piece of paper, oh shit.