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what does this amazing word REALLY mean? well, ledgen has that one day, while tim roberts was messing on the computer, he saw something about a SUB dongle. after messing with that for a while in his head, he created "fodongle."

While going through his "133t" phase, he referbished "fodongle" into "f-dongle" then into "fdongle" then into "fdngl" And so, fdngl is now a wide spread, well know word with in the small comunite that knows Tim Yo as a friend. Some support, some don't care, and some just don't understand the need for fdngl in the world.

Fdngl. meaning: EVERYTHING.

used in a sentence: "what the fdngl are you fdngling about?"

"fdngl that car until it's fully fdngl!" "We fdngl every not night before we fdngl." and, of course, "fdngl fdngl fdngl."