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The One-Man Foundation For Asocial Illogicopedian Introverts[edit]


Unasked Questions and Unrequested Answers[edit]

In general[edit]

  • Q: Can I join?
    A: No. Then it wouldn't be the One-Man Foundation, now would it?
  • Q: Can you help me in some way?
    A: ...
  • Q: Then what do you do?
    A: "We" hand out the occasional reward to a chosen recipient.
  • Q: On what grounds?
    A: Established members who fail popularity contests, thus showing their potential as valued, "fellow" misfits!
  • Q: Err? And that's it?
    A: Pretty much.
  • Q: Is there no way to expand upon this... movement?
    A: You could always start your own One-Man Foundation For Asocial Illogicopedian Introverts. Or not. Meh.
  • Q: Is this really a serious initiative?
    A: ...

Regarding our cheap, reliable outsourced consulting[edit]

  • Q: If I go into work and slid over accidentally-on-purpose will you support my claim?
    A: Not only will we support you, we'll take 100% of the compensation too.
  • Q: Hey where's that £20 you owe me?
    A: ...