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So, you want to know what User:TheRealDrillcat is talking about? Here it is.

Geenwp.png Wikipedians have no article on TheRealDrillcat/MyPlan. This is one of the reasons Wackypedia is so much better!

The Big Plan MkII is Drillcat's plan to rebuild the former home of Illogicopedia. It will also completely destroy all mentions of the failed plan Phyllogicopedia.

Here's what will be done:

  • He will edit all mentions of ?pedia and Phyllogicopedia to Wackypedia, and try to hide the existence of the two.
  • Once he is able to adopt Wackypedia, he will.
  • Then, he will change the logo.
  • And add more Lolcats. Because Lolcats are better than the "OH EM GEE SO DANK EYE AM SO FUNNI AND EM EL GEE" shit that most internet memes are today.
  • Namespaces for WackyBooks, WackyDictionary, WackyNews, and WackyGames will be requested to Wikia Staff.
  • All category names will be changed to reflect the name change.
  • Final step: Move to ShoutWiki, because WIKIA SUCKS.