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The legend of monobook[edit]

This is a inaccurate tale of how the monobook skin was created. Don't blame me if it's wrong... He started it!

Chapter one[edit]

About 2000 years ago the roman phillospher, Humouronono, sketched a drawing of a few starbust packets and a tub of glue fell on his work. Immediately he panicked and slapped a globe jigsaw he was trying to make on the work. Then Sherlock Holmes burst in proceeded to stab him screaming "THEY SHALL NEVER KNOW!! NEVER!!!". Sherlock then passed homouronono's work to Watson, then stabbed himself. Watson cried, dug a hole and buried the work of art. It stayed there untill...

Chapter two[edit]

In the year 1066,the pope was passed a message from an old man mumbling "Wasn't me...poor sherlock". The pope turned round with his arrow and shot Watson in the eye. The pope saw it and started to break into hammertime. Soon after this event vatican city declared war on Rome and burned down as a result. The painting was lost in action though had not burned down, a pidgeon ate it and puked it up over a ship travveling to africa. Many africans tried to steal the painting but unfortunately the pidgeo was practising shooting with clay humans and got his targets mixed up.

Chapter three[edit]

A heavy gust blew the paper far away, and by now it was 1666, so them africans had enough time with that thing. King arthur was his way to camelot and saw the letter. He gave it to his bodyguard who then died of shock and fell in a river. The river took him downstream and got swept up beside a monastrey. The monks kept this in their monastry for decoration. Unfortunately they kept it for two hundred years and lost it on a gambling session in LV. In 1866 gambling was a bit rubbish in Las Vegas (and still is). So the casino owners sold the painting off to Australia, and then another chapter began. WOW!