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illogilution, improving content on illogic

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<SilentPenguin> just like before, and as div fluffy said, it was hardly a "major haxz" <Flameviper> 'cuz I just did it again <Flameviper> SCORE <SilentPenguin> i never saw it personally <Flameviper> <testostereich> gone <Flameviper> well OK but still awesome wouldn't you think> <testostereich> haha, i m exhausted <SilentPenguin> nah, not really, you could have put something more thoughtful <SilentPenguin> then it would be awesome <Flameviper> it's fine and dandy when it's me screwing around, but what about it when some vandal uses it to post 2000 tubgirls and countless other horrors <testostereich> then i shall look atentively <Flameviper> we should disallow inline linking of foreign pictures <Flameviper> as thus, the only images you would be able to link would be from our site <SilentPenguin> well, if you put 2000 tubgirls you would be treated exactly the same

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<Flameviper> "2000 tubgirls" something about that made me laugh <SilentPenguin> yeah, im not keen on external pictures <Flameviper> 2000 girls in a tub? seems kind of impossible <SilentPenguin> but thats wikia's job <Flameviper> but splarka HATE HATE HATs me <SilentPenguin> yes he does <testostereich> yeah he does <SilentPenguin> maybe with good reason

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<SilentPenguin> you do chastise him every time you talk to him

  • SilentPenguin its not so much talking to him, more of a shouting match
  • testostereich lughs intenrally as his organs fail
  • SilentPenguin picks up testostereich's organs and sells them on ebAY

<Flameviper> TESTICLES TESTICLES TESTICLES <testostereich> yes

  • You are now known as Testosticles

<SilentPenguin> you can buy them back off me for a tenna' a pop

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<Testostertickles> ok <Flameviper> I'VE CREATED A MONSTER, GOATSE ALERT!

  • Testostertickles hands over money

<Testostertickles> eww

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<Flameviper> God damn! I should have let you deal with it... <Flameviper> I made it so that the front page was goatse <Flameviper> revertted it instantaneously <SilentPenguin> better not have done

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<Flameviper> fixed it, but still <Flameviper> the susceptibility of the main page to stuff like that can't be ignores <DGNRAtor> does this gate censor words? <SilentPenguin> uncyc's main page is just as vulnerable <Flameviper> Uncyc's main page is just as vulerable you say? <Flameviper> hahahahahahahahahahahaha! <Flameviper> I'm going to fucking own them, <Flameviper> where's the URL for the editable page? <DGNRAtor> every time i type H*LL I'm kicked out <Flameviper> where? <Flameviper> hell? <SilentPenguin> hah, hell is hardly rude <DGNRAtor> here! <Flameviper> um. <Flameviper> what template is circumscribed on Uncyc's main page? <DGNRAtor> I am going to get an IRC-client NOW!!! <SilentPenguin> :) <SilentPenguin> er anyone you can edit you silly sosage <SilentPenguin> but it counts as vandalism, rather than contained exitement <SilentPenguin> "<Koldoon> "Open sesame!" squealed the large-boned woman as the handsome hunchback penetrated her quivering melons of lard and slid his knobby piston into her soft-spoken tw*t." <SilentPenguin> :P <Flameviper> what...the...FUCK...was...that...?! <SilentPenguin> :? <Testostertickles> wggedy wiggedy <SilentPenguin> wished wikia would cut down on the adverts a bit <DGNRAtor> Seppy... what was the name of the irc client again? You know, sombody took my long term memory away from me. Don't remember who it was <SilentPenguin> hmm, there are severeal to choose from <DGNRAtor> Only the BEST for me! <SilentPenguin> you can either go with Xchat, or ask Olipro for suggestions <DGNRAtor> ill try xchat first. tnxs <Olipro> Xchat I vote for <SilentPenguin> olipro knows stuff about stuff <Olipro> <DGNRAtor> that's great. now to get it through the gate here at this madprocessorplace <Flameviper> olipro, when the fuck did you get here <Flameviper> you're like a god damn ninja <Olipro> oh god <Olipro> SilentPenguin: explain yourself <SilentPenguin> wha? <Flameviper> IT'S A FLAMEVIPAAAAAAAAH <Flameviper> AND IT'S MADE... <Flameviper> OF... <Flameviper> OWNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE <SilentPenguin> suddup flameviper <SilentPenguin> NO, flameviper, you da Beef! <Flameviper> And the handle's made of beeeeeef jerkyyyyyy <SilentPenguin> Olipro, explain myself how? <Flameviper> penispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenis <Olipro> SilentPenguin: that <Olipro> THAT <Olipro> THAT FUCKING... CHILD <Testostertickles> yesa <Olipro> <Flameviper> penispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenis <Olipro> I got THAT in a PM <Testostertickles> grow up <Olipro> a few seconds ago <SilentPenguin> :( <Testostertickles> =) <Flameviper> <Olipro> I like to wear women's underwear! <Flameviper> I got THAT in a PM also <Olipro> I didn't send him that <Olipro> but I do <Flameviper> I didn't send you that either <Olipro> besides <Flameviper> Olipro: Are you right now?

  • Flameviper had to ask

<Olipro> it's only because you told me you were wearing a thong <SilentPenguin> O_O <Flameviper> I wear sandals on occasion <Olipro> on your penis? <SilentPenguin> you dont wanna fight olipro in a battle of wits <Olipro> freak. <Flameviper> I told him that when he told me he couldn't get inside his mom's thong <Flameviper> OOOOOOWNAGE <Olipro> ... <Olipro> I probably couldn't <Olipro> unlike your mum's thong <Flameviper> why, she's too fat? <Olipro> you could get a fuciing elephant in those <Olipro> *fucking <SilentPenguin> oooo, burn <Flameviper> <Olipro> I like guro, vore, naga, watersports, bondage, and cross-dressing <Flameviper> yes I know what all those things mean <Olipro> I do <Flameviper> O_o <SilentPenguin> nothing wrong with that <Olipro> and Flameviper, it's your turn to be the bitch tonight <DGNRAtor> The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority. <DGNRAtor> Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. <DGNRAtor> We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website. <Flameviper> Olipro: I'm never the bitch, your sister is <Flameviper> remember? <DGNRAtor> this for xchat <SilentPenguin> DGNRAtor: just go on <Olipro> that's not my sister <Olipro> that's your dad with lipstick on <Olipro> I don't even have a sister <Flameviper> <Olipro> My lifelong dream is to be a gimp <Olipro> no <Testostertickles> me too <Flameviper> Olipro: You don't have a sister to the best of your knowledge <Olipro> my lifelong dream is to lead you around dressed as a gimp <Olipro> Flameviper: you're not my son... to the best of your knowledge <Flameviper> that says a more about you than it does about me <Olipro> awww <Olipro> like father like son <Flameviper> what, we like flaming random people on IRC? <Olipro> no <Flameviper> what then? <Olipro> you can carry this on all night if you like <Olipro> I love the banter <SilentPenguin> its true <Olipro> SilentPenguin: these Americans aren't very good at it though <Flameviper> just like I carried on with your mom last night? <Olipro> they take it so personally <SilentPenguin> olipro, nah, they arnt <Olipro> Flameviper: I hope she took her teeth out <Flameviper> I like this, haven't had a good flamewar in a while <Testostertickles> yes <Testostertickles> flamwar's what you call it <Testostertickles> handbags <Flameviper> Pick a side or GTFO <Flameviper> I call SP <Testostertickles> i call the police

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<Testostertickles> and coastguard <Flameviper> Testicles: you can join Olipro's side <Testostertickles> ok, what am i doing <Olipro> so <Testostertickles> yes... <Olipro> how is uncyclopedia's trashbin doing? <SilentPenguin> fine that <Testostertickles> its slumming it <Olipro> you know <SilentPenguin> uncyc's entries hardly ever make it to illogicopedia <Olipro> I am really considering making a bit of javascript to move pages from uncyc to illogico <Testostertickles> eaasier? <Flameviper> Illogicopedia is a wastebin for Uncyc, which is a wastebin for Wikipedia <Olipro> no we're not <Testostertickles> boo flameviper ist traiterous <Flameviper> unsuitable for Wikipedia = Uncyc <Olipro> see our featured articles <Testostertickles> wikipedia=facts <Olipro> our featured articles are original comedic writing <Testostertickles> uncyc=opposite <SilentPenguin> well, its more about forfilling needs <Testostertickles> illoigc=random <Olipro> Testostertickles: no <Flameviper> I know, but if you submitted a featured Uncyc article to Wikipedia, it would get delorted in a flash <Olipro> not quite <Testostertickles> weeeeeeeeeeee <Olipro> we're not anti fact <Olipro> we blur the lines <Olipro> sometimes yes <Olipro> it's just silly anti-facts <Flameviper> the opposite of something is rarely the counterpart <Olipro> but then, that's randomness <Olipro> we have to have some sort of cohesion <Testostertickles> deep stuff <SilentPenguin> i laugh at the way uncyc calls itself satirical though <Testostertickles> haha <Olipro> deeper than Flameviper's mum's fanny <SilentPenguin> its clearly not <Testostertickles> oo <Flameviper> like the polar opposite of heavy would technically be negaitve weight <Testostertickles> shallow thuing <Flameviper> but the counterpart to heavy is light <Olipro> SilentPenguin: some things are <Olipro> we're definitely not exclusively satirical <Flameviper> Olipro: How would you know how deep my mum's fanny is, your penis is 1 inch long <SilentPenguin> ah, yes, but it isnt really ever featured <Olipro> in fact, many forms of comedy can be found on there <Flameviper> back to constructive discussion <Olipro> Flameviper: only because you couldn't get me hard <SilentPenguin> satire isnt comidy though <Olipro> otherwise you'd have seen it full length <SilentPenguin> there is a difference <SilentPenguin> iv said this before <Flameviper> that's because I was distracted by your mum's fellatio, which I must say is awful <Olipro> SilentPenguin: yes, most of the satire eminates from UnNews to be honest <Flameviper> yours is much better <Flameviper> \m/(>.<) <Olipro> well <SilentPenguin> yeah, i want to set up a satire wiki <Testostertickles> ( . Y . ) <Olipro> you've taught me the tricks of the trade Flameviper <SilentPenguin> but after i thought about it i noticed somone had tried with wikia already <Olipro> yeah <SilentPenguin> and they claimed that uncyc did it <Olipro> but the problem with illogicopedia is that it's not funy <Olipro> *funny <SilentPenguin> which is sorta true <Flameviper> What are you talking about? It's funny as hell! <SilentPenguin> but uncyc dont treat it as satire <Flameviper> when you're on weed! <Testostertickles> more effort is needed in the articles <Flameviper> unlike this <Olipro> it's fledgling <Testostertickles> yes flameviper

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<Olipro> but the scope of random junk is severely limited <Olipro> after so many pages of it <Olipro> how many readers are just going to leave? <Testostertickles> they need to be constructed <Testostertickles> instead of random wordsetc <Flameviper> into something like this: <SilentPenguin> the random strings of words are getting quite annoying

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<Testostertickles> we should be more stringent with trashing <Testostertickles> what stays <Testostertickles> and what goes <Testostertickles> and what is served with mayonaise <SilentPenguin> yeah <DeeGeeandErrator> is this about random randomness in random situations? (i missed 10 minutes <Testostertickles> its about improving illogic <DeeGeeandErrator> ok guess its an ongoing thing <SilentPenguin> orignally, illogicopedia was intended for more than just stabbing at the keyboard though <Testostertickles> what was the glorious dream? <SilentPenguin> it was also for things like, emails from coworkers which where funny <Testostertickles> we should outline this, make an illogic revolution <Testostertickles> illogolution <DeeGeeandErrator> randomness can get pretty meanigless after too much of it <SilentPenguin> and genrally anything interesting outside the range of actually writing something <Testostertickles> damn right <SilentPenguin> Testostertickles, want to head the illogilution? <Testostertickles> yeah, after i take a dump <SilentPenguin> but basicly, it was for anything out of the mediawiki's normal scope <DeeGeeandErrator> Freedom, Difference & Usership <Testostertickles> back, wat do i need to do <SilentPenguin> scroll up and read the log? <Testostertickles> aaawh, cant u give me the gist <SilentPenguin> Illogilution <Testostertickles> yes.. <SilentPenguin> revolution in the content of illogicopedia <SilentPenguin> into everything interesting