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<tehpwnz0r> Things that just got pwn'd
<tehpwnz0r> 1. #halopedia
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<ONIrecon111> oh hell
<ONIrecon111> its another n00b
<Grievous797> -_-
<tehpwnz0r> Things that also got pwn'd
*** Stigma-231 [n=unaffiliated@wikia] has joined #halopedia
<tehpwnz0r> 1. <insert name here>
<Grievous797> Shall I go to mah n00b killing nick?
<tehpwnz0r> UBER PWN'D!!!
<Grievous797> I shall3
<ONIrecon111> stiggie!!!
*** Grievous797 is now known as AltairAssassin
<tehpwnz0r> pwn pwn pwn!
<AltairAssassin> Begone /b/tard! Back to the depths of Hell with you!
<tehpwnz0r> Know who I just did?
<AltairAssassin> YOU SHALL NOT PASS
<tehpwnz0r> Master Chief's Mom
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<Stigma-231> Hm...
* AltairAssassin resists giving the text middle finger
<tehpwnz0r> Also I did The Arbiter's Mom
<tehpwnz0r> UBER PWN'D!!!!
<AltairAssassin> I have it on file nao
<AltairAssassin> ITSHA TRAP
* AltairAssassin spins in his desk chair
<tehpwnz0r> List of people who got pwn'd
<tehpwnz0r> 1. Every female
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<AltairAssassin> lol ur face
<tehpwnz0r> Also AltairAssassin
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D BIATCH!!!
<AltairAssassin> no u
<ONIrecon111> Stiggie, we're under attack from this n00b, help us!
<tehpwnz0r> I'm no n00b, i'm pwner
<ONIrecon111> salmon!
<tehpwnz0r> And I just pwn'd you
<Stigma-231> What am I able to do about it?
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<AltairAssassin> It's 'BIOTCH' learn yer gangster phrases, noob
<Ahax_XIII> zomgz teh Stig
* AltairAssassin loves toying with idiots :D
<AltairAssassin> It's good for a laugh
<Stigma-231> Indeed...
<ONIrecon111> zomgwtfbbqz, raise the banhamma
<AltairAssassin> I do it all the time on XD
<tehpwnz0r> PWN INFINITY!!!
<AltairAssassin> LOLWUTCAPS
<Ahax_XIII> I'm busy telling a noob why exactly point whoring is bad
<tehpwnz0r> Things that just got pwn'd
<tehpwnz0r> 1. Template:Admin
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<AltairAssassin> Dumb bastard n00bs that just got banned
<AltairAssassin> 1. Tehpwnz0rz
<AltairAssassin> LOL BANNED3
<tehpwnz0r> Things that just got thumped
<tehpwnz0r> 1. Skulls
<AltairAssassin> ur mom
<tehpwnz0r> SKULL'D!!!
<AltairAssassin> lolthatswhatshesaid
<AltairAssassin> loln00brunonsentance
<tehpwnz0r> Breaking News: Did you know who I did...
<AltairAssassin> ur mom
<tehpwnz0r> No. Your grandmother
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<ONIrecon111> SALMON!
<AltairAssassin> ohhhhhhhh burn
<tehpwnz0r> Things that just got pwn'd
* AltairAssassin is laughing at this idiot's pathetic attempt to piss us off
<tehpwnz0r> 1. #halopedia
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<AltairAssassin> Go back to 4chan, newfag
<Stigma-231> I, personally, don't find it amusing in the least.
<Stigma-231> Nor bothersome, though it does get old rather fast.
<AltairAssassin> Indeed.
<tehpwnz0r> I'm a Doctor who is known to Thump Skulls. And you all just got PWN'D!!!
<tehpwnz0r> pwn pwn pwn pwn pwn
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<Stigma-231> Does CR still have op?
<ONIrecon111> ya
<AltairAssassin> Yeah
<Stigma-231> Ah.
<AltairAssassin> zomgwtfbbqz: Get off yer tea drinking arse and come back
<tehpwnz0r> AltiarAssassin: I just pwn'd you
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<AltairAssassin> You spelled mah name wrong!
<AltairAssassin> PWNED BITCH
* tehpwnz0r pwns Halopedia
<AltairAssassin> Are you seven years old?
<AltairAssassin> No, I was more mature at seven than how you're acting.
<AltairAssassin> I'd say 2 months old
<tehpwnz0r> In Soviet Russia. You must be seven years old.
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<AltairAssassin> No, I was more mature at 2 months old than you are.
<Stigma-231> ...
<Stigma-231> ONI, you're not helping much,
<AltairAssassin> I'd say 'womb-stage'
<tehpwnz0r> pwn, pwn, pwn. I liek to pwn
<ONIrecon111> i'm fetching salmon
<ONIrecon111> bbs
<tehpwnz0r> Also I did your sister. In the womb!
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<Stigma-231> Caps and excessive exclamation points don't help.
<AltairAssassin> Burn in hell! :D
<Stigma-231> I would thusly break into the "I Feel Pretty" song, but I don't see a point.
<tehpwnz0r> no u
<AltairAssassin> XD
<tehpwnz0r> You smiled
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<AltairAssassin> ORLY
<tehpwnz0r> YA
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<Ahax_XIII> rawr DT
<tehpwnz0r> let the pwning continue!
<ONIrecon111> its a copy of the current fastest gun in the world
<Darth_tom> RAWR Ajax.
<Darth_tom> OHAI THAR ONIrecon111.
<Ahax_XIII> lemme guess, the Metal Storm thing?
<Grievous797> oh damn
<tehpwnz0r> Things that just got pwn'd!
<tehpwnz0r> 1. Master Chief
<ONIrecon111> yea
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<Grievous797> 2. Ur mom last night
<Darth_tom> what the hell? Who is immature enough to make their nick tehpwnz0r? Is this PWN3R again?
<Ahax_XIII> you do realise the Metal Storm has to be reloaded after every shot?
<tehpwnz0r> pwn, pwn, pwn
<ONIrecon111> the 1 million rounds per minute
<tehpwnz0r> I am the master of pwn
<Ahax_XIII> meaning you can fire it once then you have to sit and reload all the barrels
<ONIrecon111> after every 360 shots
<Grievous797> zomgwtfbbqz: He's back
<Darth_tom> ONIrecon111: There's MORE immature people here? O_o
<ONIrecon111> yarr
<tehpwnz0r> Hey... You wanna know who I did?
<tehpwnz0r> <insert name here>
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
<Grievous797> So you screwed yourself, funny
<ONIrecon111> salmon hammer of ban needed
<Darth_tom> Change your name. It's immature and stupid.
<tehpwnz0r> No. I screwed you
<tehpwnz0r> PWN'D!!!
*** mode/#halopedia [+b *!*@*.wikia] by zomgwtfbbqz
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