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I am the Chief of All Foods.

Service Applications[edit]

The deal of serving the Chief is that you try to make a salary deal with me on my talk page. Part of my payment to you is that you are allowed to display your rank on your sig. You negotiate a salary as the rest of my payment to you, and I give you a position as your payment to me.

Service Ranks[edit]

The rank you apply for may affect how high a salary I am willing to give you. The main importance of your rank, however, is that the higher your rank, the more people get to serve you.

  • Lord -- serve the Chief
  • Duke -- serve a Lord
  • Knight -- serve a Duke
  • Commoner -- serve a Knight, is titled "Master of _____"

You can currently apply only to be a Lord or Duke. Lower positions will open up soon. I highly recommend Duke of Meat because Hindleyite wants to be something to do with chicken.

Open positions[edit]

Lord of Plant Foods (OPEN) Duke of Fruits (UNAVAILABLE)

Duke of Vegetables (UNAVAILABLE)

Duke of Grain (UNAVAILABLE)

Duke of Fruits[edit]

Knight of Tree-Grown Fruits (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Vine-Grown Fruits (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Fruit-Made Things (UNAVAILABLE)

Lord of Animal Foods (T3canolis) Duke of Meat (OPEN)

Duke of Fish (OPEN)

Duke of Meat[edit]

Knight of Chicken (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Beef (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Pork (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Ham (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Bacon (UNAVAILABLE)

Lord of Animal Products (OPEN) Duke of Dairy (UNAVAILABLE)

Duke of Eggs (UNAVAILABLE)

Duke of Dairy[edit]

Knight of Milk (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Cream (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Butter (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Cheese (UNAVAILABLE)

Lord of Junk Foods (MrMetalFLower) Duke of Snacks (OPEN)

Duke of Desserts (OPEN)

Duke of Snacks[edit]

Knight of Nachos (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Potato Chips (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Pretzels (UNAVAILABLE)

Duke of Desserts[edit]

Knight of Ice Cream (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Chocolate (UNAVAILABLE)

Knight of Cake (UNAVAILABLE)