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Stuff that should exist but doesn't (yet)[edit]

Cthulhu caught in net 50 miles from Miami[edit]

No witnesses (it ate them)

Bringing it ashore?

Maybe Cthulhu was just there to hit the beach, eh?

At the sign of the electric goat[edit]

Both the outside-the-bar kind and the you-have-nonnegative-goats kind). Also the plain Electric Goat, and of course the sine of the Electric Goat

Probably manufactured by Tesla. (To the extent that it isn't just natural.)

Bob's crummy Monday.[edit]

He dreamed giant bats stole the roof from his house, which is never a good way to start the week. And then he met his new partner at work. The partner had trouble fitting through the door, no surprise since she's a T-Rex. Climactic scene when Gloria (said partner) attempts to draw her gun while confronting a mugger and, well, those arms ... they're not long, to say the least.

  • On the other hand eating the mugger works pretty well too.
  • Smasho to the building coming in to say g'mornin
  • Needs to ride on the roof -- no fit inside de car-car, no?

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks[edit]

Well actually this kind of exists at this point. So I guess it shouldn't really be on this list, eh?

That moon[edit]

Yeah, right, half full, yeah, totally needs a better picture.

How many moons?[edit]

It's called "the moon" because there can be only one. Has implications for the rest of the solar system.


There was some bit of news ... what was it?

News flash Donald Trump to run as a Democrat in the next election. I think we can make that work.

But that wasn't it -- there was something else. Oh, well, maybe later.

Global warming blamed for reversed mice[edit]

Another case of "it's all in the illustration"

Intelligent Rocks[edit]

We ought to be able to do something with these.