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yeah, i lost my danged password and didnt put in an email.

IMG 5102.jpg <--- this is me

22683857.jpg <-- my body on halloween when i had a wig on. i didnt want you to see my face 'cause i had some crazy makeup on

Steven Tyler Crush.jpg Aerosmith.jpg Steven Motorcycle.jpg <-- he's so hawt. i have a HUGE crush on him.

Hi! I'm Sk8R Grl and you are on my land. I charge $678 a second rent, so leave your credit card and other info on my User talk:Sk8R Grl.

I am a fervent process-ing pile of flaming horse feces. I am also a bad spellre, but a very good pile of flaming horse feces. Don't you dare process me about it!! Or I'll process you! I swear I will! Also, I have a pile of flaming horse feces and like to process. Well, I am fervent, so I best go process. Enjoy your stay here!

P.S. While reading this message, you have racked up $198,756,558,000.06 in rent charges. THANKS!


You are nothin but a dead moshygoshywhatymuttyhinkypinkyfying operating theater. So just go moshygoshywhatymuttyhinkypinkyfy a operating theater, ya dead operating theater!

I'm sorry, I was being a operating theater. I'll stop moshygoshywhatymuttyhinkypinkyfying you and let you get back to your operating theater. Bye!


This user is officially an IllogiChick.

Everyone who's anyone is on the sorority. so if you're not, you're just a operating theater

So shut the dead up. Leave here, operating theater, before I get dead and moshygoshywhatymuttyhinkypinkyfy you.


K, with 68% of the vote, I am VERY great.

<poll> Who's teh coolest? Gene Simmons of KISS Steven Tyler of AEROSMITH Silent Penguin Sk8r Grl Sk8r Grl's Sock after she lost her password </poll>

Alright that's wierd. no way i could be cooler than Steven Tyler.

<poll> Would you rather Die Be my friend ?????????????????????? </poll>

[dont say ?????????????????????]