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Experts have deduced that the following methods are the most effective means of suicide:

  • 1. Eating 11,000 Hersheys chocolate kisses one by one (also known as Death by Chocolate)
  • 2. Washing all of the windows in your house 3 times in one day.
  • 3. Eating 200 servings of brussel sprouts, followed by 50 servings of lima beans, followed by 100 servings of broccoli.
  • 4. Coloring a picture with a blunt crayon ENTIRELY in the color black.
  • 5. (Vampires only) Standing outside watching the sun rise.
  • 6. (Witches only) Dump a pail of water on yourself.
  • 7. Play Zork. Deliberately seek out dark places. Whatever you do, don't turn on your lantern.
  • 8. Eat a banana a day for the next 500 days. Chocolate covered bananas are especially tasty.
  • 9. Play an online first-person shooter in deathmatch mode. Then stand there and go PPPPPPTTTTTTTHHHHH while they switch from pistol, to rocket launcher, to BMFG. Then emulate a statue. (BOOM!)There, now wasn't that fun?
  • 10. If you are not into violence, skip #9 and play The Sims 2 instead. See how many headstones you can create.
  • 11. Paint a red bullseye on your forehead. In case people cannot see it from the back, wear a "kick me" sign on your back as well.