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Hi there. I'm Ryan, an editor here since September 2007.

About me on Wikia[edit]

This wiki was the wiki I started off on. I got here somehow through Wikipedia. I stuck here for a bit and eventually moved around to other wikis. I'm now pretty involved with a few communities, some of which I am an admin on.

These days I've got some higher wiki priorities than Illogicopedia, so basically, I'm not as active as I'd like to be.

About me in real life[edit]

I am Ryan Taylor, 15 years old from around Melbourne in Australia. I am usually found on my computer. If I am not doing that I am either on a laptop doing a podcast for Swatmajor1 HQ, outside observing the clouds or jumping on the couch (yes, I still do that).

I also like observing strange things I do at midnight, such as cleaning my room, singing and dancing in my chair (a bit like the guy in this video) and spinning around on my chair.