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Hi, I'm Ryan. I've noticed that there is like heaps of crap on this site about me. I says; LOL!

I may leave Illogicopedia forever soon. I may, hear me? MAY. The reason is that I have many things going on in my life and I may not get time to be on ?pedia, as well as my extremely important position of Administrator on a growing internet forum, and because of my time on ?pedia, I have neglected the site and its users. There are many other things more important to me than editing ?pedia, and things I must do. The owner of the forums is asking me to stand down from adminship if I cannot make more time for my administrator tasks. There is many other things I may quit from, I may actually be able to make time for ?pedia as well. Right now I possibly will need to retire from Wikipedia, but I am trying my hardest to get time for WP also. I would love to be able to use all my favourite things, but I do not use the internet for fun. Not any more. I have many important positions on sites all over the internet, even if they are not admin/moderator positions. I remind you that I MAY retire from ?pedia. I'm sorry if I do have to quit this place, and if I had it my way I would stay here forever. But I may leave.

I have got myself out of the shit with the site owner, I won't be quitting anywhere. But, more to do, because I'm now a sysop on the New World Order Wiki.