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Note to users: This is a talk page archive. Do not edit this page. My current talk page is here.

This is the archive of talk page, posts date from 3 November to 10 November.

Aren't you gonna make a pickle? --User:Testostereich 22:39, 3 Novelniver 2007 (UTC)

Ah, who knows? Maybe I'll try soon, but I'm not good at making good pickles. --Ryan. 22:42, 3 Novelniver 2007 (UTC)

YAY! I have new sig! TRAVIS! Ryan! Travis.gif

It is:


And don't forget my Ryan approved template!

This article has been approved by Ryan. He must really like the article!

It is:


Can I use that template in my favourite articles? TRAVIS! Ryan! Travis.gif

Or I made this {{SomeTemplate}}

AND!!! { { Random } } without the spaces



Hejjjj, yes I am the maker of teh ORPINGTON?! article. It doesn't really matter about the quality of the pics, as it's a meme page and therefore needs as many pics as possible. If it makes me lol it's all the better. My fave one there is the Ryan not orpington one. BTW, you don't need anything put under it in the actual article as the content of the pics are obvious. :)
PS: I don't hate you.

Ok. To everything you said that can be responded with Ok, lol. TRAVIS! Ryan! Travis.gif

Oh and should I put the one with me saying "DOES THIS BUS GO TO ORPINGTON?!" on the gallery thing? TRAVIS! Ryan! Travis.gif

Sure, if you want to MetalFlower.jpg

Hey Ryan[edit]

:P --Testicles 13:41, 9 Novelniver 2007 (UTC)

Hi! meep cheese Lol. TRAVIS! Ryan! Travis.gif