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If the giant paw affixed to the end of my signature wasn't clue enough, I'm a furry. This is my talk page, designed for textual communication between myself and the race of "Illogicopedians" in this sector of the superverse; this may lead to some appearances of the number 4 in everyday events. Anyway, yeah, a furry. So yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff, yiff. Also, <insertusername>'s turkey.

Stuff: Talk

Shaun Hargreaves is rated A-ok by the special people! : D

Via Illogicopedia: The preferred method of making first contact. You can contact me via the traditional talk page or you can email me using the built in email system. There's more options for your contact fetish below.

Email: - Emails are usually replied to within 12 hours.

MSN: - I'm not online as much as I used to be, I have a lot of work to do nowadays.

AIM: Tori Belliachi - On it as much as MSN.

YIM: tori_belliachi - The same goes for YIM.

Skype: ToriBelliachi - If you ever see me on Skype, then you're witnessing a miracle!

Google Talk: - And hell! I'm on Google Talk every waking minute!