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Hail Subbuteo!
This user is a proud inhabitant of Subbuteo. Koala those who compliethn't!
Lordiface.jpg This user is too busy eating people to make a decent article.


A subspeices of alien known for it's aardvark like properties, though only inside, on the outside he looks like a blur of fur and tears shed by lonely ducks with their feet trapped in a frozen over siberian lake. In his spare time he indulges in being intoxicated bt complex hallucanagenic drugs created by his purely gasious brain. The gasious creature occasional comes out to confuse gypsies but spends most of it's time writing christmas cards for it's many friends, who are believed by many to be fictional but are in fact real. Such friends include the Queen, Santa and his lovely wife Samantha Claus and your bloated goldfish. In the Xen he is a 15 year old student who has a passion for electronic music, poetry and art. He spends most of his time playing music or writing surrealist comedy. He often flickers between periods of being morose and introverted and periods of being hyperactive and somewhat dangerous. Right now he is talking about himself in the third person, this is possibly the fault of one of his numerous alter egos. You decide.

Articles I have written: Rofl, Mewt, Goat Satnav