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The unofficial brand username OfficerAPC was created two weeks after the finale of The Amazing Race 24.

Back in the Saddle[edit]

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The 1st episode was only just the beginning and no new information was discovered. It was just a matter of eleven teams returning to compete in the race around the world. An emergency replacement had to be made because one team member was physically unfit due to pancreatic cancer. During this episode, it is clear that pointless bickering not only tears the team apart, but can result in their elimination, as this was the case for Natalie and Nadiya Anderson.

Baby Bear's Soup[edit]

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The 2nd episode was where the first of the major mistakes took place. Mark Jackson accidentally left his backpack behind, which ended up costing the race for him and his partner, Mallory Ervin, who served as the replacement for his best friend Bopper. It is unclear whether that mistake also led to Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly winning this leg and $2,500 each.

Welcome to the Jungle[edit]

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The 3rd episode is a perfect example of how road traffic can dramatically change a certain team's position. Team Brenchel went from first place to near last place because of that unlucky situation. Of course, this leg got dangerous in the bamboo raft part, where teams traveled down the river through rough rapids. Both OfficerAPC and TheBiggestBBFan were worried they would be eliminated in this leg. Instead, it was Joey and Meghan, the YouTube hosts, who got eliminated.

Smarter, Not Harder[edit]

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The 4th episode featured an angry moment during a Detour challenge, which proved to be very difficult for the last two teams. Luke Adams got so frustrated at the difficulty he had a meltdown with his mother trying to calm him down. Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly came to the rescue and helped Luke regain his mental composure. This appeared to be a kamikaze move, until Team Brenchel found out they came last on a non-elimination leg.

Can't Make Fish Bite[edit]

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The 5th episode was pretty much the rock bottom point for Brendon and Rachel, who were desperate to make an important flight to stay in the race with a Speed Bump to perform during this leg. Meanwhile, Margie and Luke missed that flight and due to the excess wait, Brendon and Rachel were spared from potential elimination and got back on pace for the race. It is no surprise that Margie and Luke were eliminated even though they handled the wait so well.

Down and Dirty[edit]

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The 6th episode showed progress for Brendon and Rachel to move from the back to the front of the race. However, an obvious mistake was made by them. Morale of the story is to read the clues carefully to avoid such errors that could lead to elimination. Speaking of elimination, this turned out to be a non-elimination leg for Caroline and Jennifer, who appeared to be floaters and had to perform a Speed Bump the very next leg.

The Gladiators Are Here![edit]

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The 7th episode marked Team Brenchel's return to Italy. On The Amazing Race 20, Brendon and Rachel were fighting with each other and there were tears involved. Not this time; the two ended up winning this leg and a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. In other team news, Jessica and John were eliminated after a wild race to the Pit Stop. Haters of Team Brenchel argued they intentionally hindered Dave and Connor's performance at the Detour, though it was never fully proven.


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The 8th episode was pretty much the peak for Team Brenchel's success, not to mention it was aired on Easter Sunday 2014. They managed to get through this leg without any major problems, except maybe for who they decided to U-turn. It was intended to be a tactic to maintain first place and win $7,500 each. After coming in 6th place for several consecutive legs, Flight Time and Big Easy were eliminated from the race.

Accidental Alliance[edit]

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The 9th episode is where most of the controversy is found. In response to Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly U-turning Dave and Connor O'Leary in the previous leg, Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Wayne established the Accidental Alliance on November 30, 2013, which might have given Integra Type X the idea to establishe the Integra Good Users Alliance. Also, the viewing public suspected rigging by production to keep Caroline and Jennifer in the race with another Speed Bump.

Bull Down[edit]

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The 10th episode featured another Double U-turn, in which the Accidental Alliance set the plan in motion to seek revenge on Brendon and Rachel. However, in one of the Detour choices, Leo and Jamal sustained so many banging pains they decided to U-turn a new target: Jet and Cord. This change of plan was found to have spared Team Brenchel and eliminate the Cowboys instead.

Hei Ho Heidi Ho[edit]

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The 11th episode was where Brendon and Rachel repeated the mistake of not reading the clue properly and almost faced elimination. OfficerAPC believed the Boot It detour was obscene because the clue only allowed a pair of size 9 or size 11 boots. Those two numbers spell out the name of a tragic event in the United States on September 11, 2001 and therefore disrespectful to the victims who were killed in those attacks. Leo and Jamal once again came in fourth place overall.

Do You Believe in Magic?[edit]

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The 12th episode is where the scandal was ruled to have taken place. Brendon and Rachel did some nasty things during this leg and they paid the price by coming in third place overall again. OfficerAPC initially believed this was due to Caroline and Jennifer floating their way to the final three, but now he also believes it is a message to the viewing public that the Accidental Alliance was a cringeworthy group made by Caroline Cutbirth. Dave and Connor won the whole race and made history.