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That's all folks! So far, anyway.

My older articles

Ordered newest to oldest
Summer Vin Diesel Julia Child Social media The Pencil Incident
Turkmenistan Virus (computer) Kansas State Board of Education Jessica Alba Maize
Martians Boy George Cambodia Paranoia The Ancient of O's
Key Largo (island) Ouija board Shecky Katz Yahweh Shergar
I looked under my doormat and found a mango and started screaming at it Easter Bunny Godzilla Versus Jaws Union Jack NOOOOOOOOO! (different)
NOOOOOOOOO And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meedling kids! (collab) Amulet of Appendor Great Advice Conkers
Hermann Fegelein Medusa White Rabbit (collaboration) Balrog Cat the Khan
Stephen Fry Guacamole ; Aunt Em Himalaya Mountains
Letter (message) Toto (dog) Fridge Whackapedia Mavis Beacon
Penglish uprising CHiPs Renegades of Funk Adele Bosnia and Herzegovina
Chain letter Sparrow Jet pilot Pickled cucumber Grandma
Seth MacFarlane Contralto Smolyensk YAK Exclusive Documentation License 2149 AD
Sandcastle Icelandic flag Superfied lightning Illogia Yummy
Tang Prize Vienna sausage Czerw's Philadelphia Ketchup
BENSON BENSON BENSON Francis E. Dec Aunt Man Jumbly A nightmare made flesh, part 33
I.C. Weiner Sink Doo-wappa-doo Aym Shrove Tuesday
Orangemen S'more Tower of London Multiverse loop key 211 Steel Reserve
GmbH The Treachery of Images (2005) Ceci n'est pas une pipe Illogicopedia in Japan Summer squash
Winter salami Wublish Tennessee Fire Bagpipes Rest and relaxation
A thought to begin your day Fine dining in Ireland Call of Cthulhu Uncle Ben Greedo