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Beta Werewolf. Use Babbling tab above for a return howl.

Follow the White Rabbit
Will the universe be changed one bit if you do? Probably not. The dark hearts of coatimundis? Maybe. But your reflection in the mirror? Oh, yes.
Follow the White Rabbit
Will the universe be changed one bit if you do? Probably not. The curious songs of blue whales? Maybe. But your reflection in the mirror? Oh, yes.

That's all folks! So far, anyway.


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After a tough day writing drivel, there's nothing like a cup of hot tea.
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He's going to asplode any minute, but I don't think I have time to go get marshmallows.
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Omigawd! He's written more crap!
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Jumping up and down the keyboard is not recommended practice for articles. It's already been done too many times. By me.
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Slenderman Booth The Psychedelic Magician and his extradimensional visitor Nazgûl Chimpanzee
Careful editting for typos is importent.
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