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Here's an abandoned list of my articles (it won't have all of them because I've rewritten many and I can't find them in my contributions, that would take ages!)

R-Tiklz! features are bold

The Mission to Crush WikiaIdeal o't' the, LEWD per sthenia : an imposing brachylogyKagaSleepytime Gorilla MuseumEvelyn's Political EscapadesGuinMy Not-So-Super Sweet 16Illogicopedia is the walrusSlightly Below Average ManDongschlägerKickhat-Kickhat-Snarehat-Kick snare hat snare kickhat kick snarehat-hat-pH7–Template, definite article, adjective, plural noun, preposition, name or definite article followed by noun, conjunction, definite article, adjective, noun–Tubular Bells–Godzilla Versus Jaws–Asema's actions–Sigmund FreudFranz KafkaSalvador DalíSubculture animalsThe 27 VirginsEelsIndo Silver ClubUncyclopedia DramaticaAnother Homoerotic IRC ArticleEgyptian languageThe Little Book of ParablesWorld of WarcraftBroken FaceAndré Breton blows up a kittenAndré BretonDuncan's ClosetPhobias in Asian ChildrenXenophobia in Adult Striped Moorland RabbitsMC HammerPilchardManifeste du SurréalismeAutomatic Writing–Black and White Female Pygmy Goat With Horns–The Stupendous Island AdventureIllogiDictionary:ZzZzZz?– The Tragedy of The Psychedelic Magician and His Benevolent Army of Latin Terminologies–Submarine Habitation YellowsThe Dukes of HasardSolipsisticismPoorly-formed insultsIllogiNews:Manchester Utd Players "Kill and Roast" Amy WinehouseThe festive MoebiusUber LogicGrammar good for article; sense bad lawl. Wut?The Flying Fairy AssociationIsaac NewtonTarja TurunenMogwaiAn article that is bound to be searched for if Illogicopedia ever gets an influx of emos. Don't believe me? Fall Out Boy My Chemical Romance Bullet For My Valentine Slayer Hawthorne Heights Panic! at the Disco Bring Me the Horizon Busted! Told you soStock Phrase LinguamorphismMy Chemical CastrationA Brief Outlook On DemocracyThe Best Article on UncyclopediaGobshiismDOES THIS BUS GO TO ORPINGTON?!RandumbismSushi PatrolWhy is a raven like a writing desk?The Power is on!Go!NovelniverContagious orgasmBattle with MrMetalFLowerCold War ClassicDylan MoranHebrewBlue ChocolatePlayStation 360MediaWhen You Have Insomnia9,347,829,013,865.00187List of blocked IP addresses and usernamesQuotes of Levitation–Anthropomorphic Resonance–Asema's Dog–Lonely–Reproduce JuiceSjinkdayThe BeatlesIntimacyBorderline OceanicHentaiGlide & Fred You DissedLapdog–SUMTHIN BOUT NUTHIN–Foggy GlassesMorbidly obese rainbowsThe 1153rd Article on ?PediaKilldèLarNo SpoonSpoonNumbersCannibal CorpseAn article with unsightly formattingCarefully positioned bar of soapBanalaKoala'sQuotes of eloquenceLemon & DaphneBig Angry Viking Hordes With Hammers the Size of a Shark and Awesome Cake Eating Powers Who May Well Have Doubtable Intentions With Regards to Your SisterBorn AgainDrunkRough Ball PornContradictionSong of YawnFeminismAnarchismStar WarspeopleHealth PoliceSuper Awesome Totally Middle-Aged Robot Mutant Ninja Robot Pirate Robots With Adequate Knowledge of Semaphore and a Jaw-Droppingly Extensive Knowledge of Will Smith TriviaExtraracial HomoeroticismRight Said FredIan Huntley in a toupeeDitzimberPregnant MidgetsThreats to your computerLife AnalogiesThe Artist Formerly Known As JesusHolishtHomosecksSexConfusedGCSE curriculumAxis of NihilismXAAAAUber LeetOops, I Did It AgainLondon Elections 2007Tortoise–Breaking News–Subbuteoan Justgenerallysick Greens