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There are things to wonder about:

No one should know how long it takes to drown someone.

Why is choking someone always my first response? Because it's the express road to ending a relationship.

In a closed environment (mice), the Fibonacci sequence is a gross under-estimation.

I like looking in your window. I can see you now. You wouldn't think it possible this high up.

Why am I always devising a plan?

Like my friend, I gave up for Lent.

They tell me I'm harmless but I hoisted my father up by the neck until he cried so silently.

My neighbor IS myself, so who comes first? There is no time for a second opinion.

What if the born-agains are right? You wouldn't believe me, anyway.

How deep is my hatred of people? Only the ones I get close to. I don't hate others on principle, just on purpose, one at a time. I know it's an infantile response.

Am I responsible for my dreams? Because that's just not fair.

And there's no time for hate anyway. It's all swallowed up with grief. This is a way of recovering the soul.

If you have to ask, then it's probably too late.

If I knew you, I'd be afraid, too.

What I don't know will kill you.