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Hi I’m Caz[edit]

Hi! I’m name is Caz and van to rule the Verld! Will you help me? Just tell me how to get everything I do off the bleedin’ n00b edits, My name keeps going on there again and againi and again and agin and always! I have been waiting forever and a week and I’m still there WHY? I ask you WHY? Just yesterday I made my account and all I did was edit something and boom I’m on the bloody n00b list! My edit was as small as an chicken’s dick and as funny as Obama admitting he’s on steroids. You people are heartless… *Sob* *Sob* I say its not fair I tells yah! I’ll have my crazy and totally insane, useless, unneeded, painful (and so on…) ‘’’Revenge’’’ and I’ll won’t stop until the day my name is off the damn n00b edits. P.S If I am no longer on the n00b list then please ignore the previous paragraph, I was mad when I first wrote it, so shut the hell up if my name is not on the list!

My anger is infinite!
You Shall Writhe in Terror... BEWARE!!!

My opinion on everything[edit]

My opinion on life[edit]

First lets discuss my opinion on life, it’s simple actually, I live a god damn good life, spend all my sad little time on this site after I work my 37-hour day job as a professional Cacz?a?z (Click here to find out about the rare endangered species (go to ‘’’’’’ for details on how you may save the poor creature from extinction and go here to find out what you are if you are too lazy to do so.)) Anydoo, I still manage to get my articles here done, how you ask? All you need is something to keep you awake up all night, ‘’’NO’’’ I do not mean cocaine…hmm… that might actually work you know…. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (pause for breath) uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut what I really meant was a nice bowl of fried Lynx and a side dish of America’s favorite byproduct, commonly known as shit or Zaziccc. Effects from this delicacy could include Deacrese in I.Q, enhanced addiction to Electronics and the will to be an absolute retard who can’t move but only use his hands. Some rarely seen effects is the will to be a heretic with an absolute addiction to seafood.

My opinion on Illogicopedia[edit]

Hmm… this is a hard one… Why do they always give me the hard questions?, what my answer is could be the difference between getting praised be the werewolves and other mythical creatures from this website and/or being kicked off this site with a heretic behind me screaming ‘’’HERECTIC’’’ and having a heretic chase after you is very tiring, Believe it or not but heretics are one of the 3.7 ways of catching Cancer and five of the one way to get N00bitis (see n00b edits for recently effected hoodlums) other reasons I may not want to be chased by a heretic include: I’m a fat guy who gets tired of running from heretics, heretics are gay asses that I don’t want to touch and because being chased by a heretic is certainly no fun you Cacz?a?z!!!!!!!!!! Heretics are one of the 37 main fears of people.

My opinion on opinions[edit]

Now in my opinion on opinions are very helpful when making a decision, for eggzample if I was asked if I like Lynxes or not what do you think I would do?

1. Ask the bloody old git why he wants to know and then illogically kick him in the “soft part” and then kick him in his dick.

2. Laugh and nod repeatedly

3. Say “Sowwy I doo not andastand, ma inglish is sooooo bad!!!!

4. Consult my opinion


1. If you chose 1 then you are an absolute retard which need brain fixing and fast like a “Vrooom-Vrooom car” do you understand?

2. If you picked 2 then DEATH TO ALL

 DEATH TO ALL mushrooms
  DEATH TO ALL mushed rats
   DEATH TO ALL mushed cake
    DEATH TO ALL mushhhhhhhh
     DEATH TO ALL mushito
      DEATH TO ALL musssssssss
       DEATH TO ALL  pusssssss
        DEATH TO ALL pussssssycat
          DEATH TO ALL pussssssssssssssslithersnake
           DEATH TO ALL oooooooooopqrstuvwxyz
        DEATH TO ALL oihsohdofhseofhdkjhfksjdhfefwe
      DEATH TO ALL Death
     DEATH TO ALL Mushed cake… Oh hell I already said that
    DEATH TO ALL I give up I cant think of much anymore
   DEATH TO ALL cats?
     DEATH TO ALL dogs
       DEATH TO ALL stuff?
      DEATH TO ALL oh man this is getting tiring…
     DEATH TO ALL oh hell who cares any more anyway?
    DEATH TO ALL I quit…
   DEATH TO ALL Oi! I said I quit!...
  DEATH TO ALL Why does this keep on going?
 DEATH TO ALL Now its pissing me off
 DEATH TO ALL Pleasse… Stopp it I’m begging you…
DEATH TO ALL death to alls for god’s sake! 
  DEATH TO ALL Thank you it’s finally over…. Goodbye, now get lost.

3. If you chose 3 then you need lessons from a quacker and need to consult the sentence above this one.

4. If you have chosen 4 then you have……….. WON the quiz and therefore proven you sanity, everyone knows that this site isn’t for sane people so 1 word for you pal: ‘’’GET OUT OF HERE!’’’ no wait that waz 2.

My opinion on my opinion on opinions[edit]

Consult My opinion on opinions

mY to do listings[edit]

1.remember to read this! 2.Make it longer 3.Well thats about it!

I Orda you!!![edit]

I Orda you to find some Sashimi and eat it

I Orda you to learn about Hobos and you!

I Orda you to kill all Dlobs created by CI2's evil minions

I Orda you to sing some Cheese songs

Stories are fun but i'd velly good prefer SOngs