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I'm the sysadmin. I set up this iteration of Wackypedia after the original was closed by Wikia in July 2019 and the import to Miraheze didn't work as expected. It shares a (not very good) server with my website.

A previous incarnation many years ago was Cuillère sur plancher‎, in which I got into a rather pointless fight with Kate/Alicia Keys. It still seems odd to make one's home on a wiki whose original community wanted it closed, but in hindsight, I mostly just got in the way of someone's harmless fun. Well, mostly harmless -- her idea of "Phyllogicopedia" was somewhat alienating to other legitimate editors, and she did a lot of damage to the content by redirecting 800+ pages to the article Shit. If you can't delete pages you feel don't belong, redirecting them like that isn't the answer; it's basically vandalism. I'm now trying to fix this. resolved