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Two guys arrive on scene with police car. It is crashed into a lamp post. Siren is not going. Driver gets out same side as passenger, other side opens, siren goes. Driver is wearing sunglasses, passenger is not. Normal police garb on them both. Driver has red hair (he's supposed to be David Caruso).

Lackey: (Gah) you creased the car again.

Red-hair picks up wafer thin car, gives it a shake and it flattens out.

Red-hair:Lets roll

Red-hair rolls into scene, with lacky in persuit

Red-hair: Lackey, come (lackey comes)

Lackey: Yes, sir?

Red-hair: Coffee (Lackey fetches)

Lackey: Anything else, sir?

Red-hair: Sunglasses polish (Lackey fetches, polishes Red-hair's glasses)

Lackey: Sir, if I may say -

Red-hair: You may not say. (Lackey shuts up) What've we got? (Takes Sunnies off)

Lackey: Lady, torn in half. Pretty nasty, too; the janitors are going to have a lot of vacuuming to do.

Red-hair: Dead?

Lackey: I-I-I don't think it's possible to be alive, sir.

Red-hair: Riggghhht. (pauses, takes sunglasses out of pocket) Looks like we've got ourselves (sunnies on) a paper-thin case

(CSI: Miami theme; abruptly cut short)

Lackey: Wait, how is that? We have no evidence, no suspects; hell, we don't even know how she was killed!

Red-hair: Nonetheless, (sunglasses hastily off) looks like we've got ourselves (sunnies on) a fairly simple case to crack once we get some evidence and whatnot

Lacky: (Gah)

(rest of theme plays from point of cutoff)