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A romp is not what you may think it is. A romp is probably what Chinese people make when there bored. In Indonesia, or how ever that is spelled, they use it as a source of shelter and an unlimited supply of fruit snacks.

What is the romp?[edit]

The romp is a blob looking creature that feeds off air. Though many people are afraid of romps, they are actually harmless, sort of. The usual romp is colorful and gay looking.


Most romps look the same. In Canada though, romps look a bit different. They are not near as gay as regular romps. In Canada, romps are used as trash cans or used to do chores for low wages, sort of like Asian children, only that romps are more respected. The Canadian romp looks similar to the regular one. Here is the romp of canada.6jxp577.gif

Some romps move differently then regular romps.blob.gif

This is a tribute to the Canadian romp.

6jxp577.gif 6jxp577.gif 6jxp577.gif 6jxp577.gif 6jxp577.gif 6jxp577.gif

As you a see, the romps upper jaw is not connected to the lower jaw. This is normal for the Canadian romp, and is the main reason that the Canadian romp is more respected by the other romps and Asian children. The romps only enemy is this crazy fat kid.

Crazyfatkid.gif 6jxp577.gif

This crazy fat kid has been confused and tries to eat the romp. Crazy fat kid thinks that this Canadian romp is a hard candy. Not only did that crazy fat kid eat the romp, but crazy fatties have been confused with this all their lives. that is why the romp population has been steadily decreasing, being eaten by one fatty at a time.

Save the romps[edit]

Since romps are being eaten by crazy fatties, there is not much to do. The romps are now in hiding spots, like behind your couch or under your bed. Many creatures have tried to help the romps by bringing them food and supplies. This seagull has been a close ally to the romps and their war on crazy fatties.